Emoji Adoption Is Real And It's Kind Of Amazing

by Kate Fustich

Do you want to leave a legacy, but aren't into the idea of raising children? Is a cat too much maintenance for you? Does the thought of sponsoring a star millions of light years away feel like too much of a commitment? Good news: Emojipedia, the number one resource for emoji-lovers, has the answer to your prayers in the form of its new Adopt an Emoji program. You heard me: You can now officially adopt your favorite iMessage character. Is it ridiculous? A little. Is it fun? Of course!

In an attempt to make their website self-sustaining and ad-free, Emojipedia is raising money via emoji “adoption.” After filling out an application with a fee of $6,000, Emojipedia will determine whether or not you are a fit parent (oh yeah, it's that serious). If the adoption goes through, that emoji’s respective page will feature your name and a link of your choice — and it will be completely ad-free. All adoptions last for one year, so your time together will be short but certainly blissful.

So far, the Slice of Pizza, Surfer, Hot Dog, and Speech Balloon emoji have all been claimed, but there are still plenty of wonderful, pixelated creations out there that are vying for your affection. Let’s take a look at some of those in need:

1. Gem Stone

Flashy, bold, kind of a diva — I like to think this is what Rihanna would choose if she were an emoji mom. It definitely beats cubic zirconium any day of the week.

2. French Fries

For the health-conscious emoji parent out there, why not take a chance on virtual French fries? They need your love and they're low-carb!

3. Information Desk Person

She's a little bit sassy, a little bit sweet — either way, she's just bursting with personality. We can already tell you'll be watching her star in the school play someday.

4. Women With Bunny Ears

It's just like having twins! Being an only emoji-child can get lonely sometimes, but with this pair you'll never have to worry. Just make sure to get two leotards at Babies "R" Us.

5. Spouting Whale

As much as we all want a real-life pet whale, it's probably not a good idea. But this cute li'l guy can be all yours, no tank required.

6. Small Blue Diamond

Small Blue Diamond is just misunderstood. He hasn't really figured out his purpose in life yet, so he'll need a supportive, loving home where he can make experimental art and listen to Radiohead.

If you feel moved by the plight of these lost, innocent emoji, head over to Emojipedia and start filling out that paperwork! See you at the baby shower.

Images: Emojipedia (7)