Wendy Williams Says Nicki Minaj's Miley Cyrus Comments "Disappointed" Her & That's Pretty Disappointing

Less than a week has passed, and everyone is still buzzing about the VMA Nicki Minaj vs. Miley Cyrus explosion. At first, rumors circled as to whether or not the beef was real or fake. Now, different celebrities are taking turns voicing their opinion as to who was in the wrong. Wendy Williams' comments about Minaj have been the talk of Twitter this morning, after Williams let all of the HuffPost Live viewers know that she is "disappointed" with how Minaj blasted Cyrus on live television at the VMAs:

I didn't watch the VMAs, because again, I was on tour and I was busy sleeping and moisturizing. But I did see the clip and I was very disappointed in Nicki. And I don't have an opinion on either one of the girls—bad, good or indifferent. You know, they're both talented in their own way ... I just feel that Nicki is like twice Miley Cyrus' age and it would have been nice if Nicki would have just taken her award, rolled her eyes and looked at the camera—and then kept it moving.

If you are still somehow unfamiliar with what inspired Nicki Minaj to let Miley know that she beez in the trap , allow me to enlighten you on what went down before anyone hit the stage last Sunday. In one of her many interviews prior to the show, with the New York Times, Cyrus let them know that she was not a fan of how Minaj argued with Swift, saying that what she read about the feud "sounded very Nicki Minaj" and that Minaj was "not very polite." These comments are what spurred Minaj to confront Cyrus ("Hey, Miley, what's good?"), causing Cyrus to be caught off guard, who responded: “Hey, we’re all in this industry, we all do interviews and we all know how they manipulate sh*t; Nicki, congratu-f**king-lations."

Now, it is perfectly fine for Wendy Williams to have an opinion on what went down. It's perfectly fine for her to have an opinion on either one of these women as artists. However, what I don't find perfectly fine is the way Williams implied that what Minaj did was wrong, and to ask "who fights with kids?" (wherein 22-year-old Cyrus is the "kid," which is a whole other can of worms). Well, Minaj would not have had to "fight with kids" if Cyrus had chosen to be kinder in her interview with the New York Times.

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It's not fair to expect Minaj to excuse what Cyrus said about her and then play nice for the camera; after all, Minaj thrives on being real and stating her opinion on issues in a world where that is frowned upon. If anything, the "Anaconda" singer should be applauded for not being afraid to stand up for herself. If Cyrus is allowed to voice her opinion on an incident that did not concern her to one of the most influential papers in the country, then Minaj is allowed to voice her opinion on an incident that did concern her to Cyrus' face.

Bottom line: It's not right to condemn Minaj for her actions when all she was doing was defending herself. Sorry, Wendy.