This Snow Globe Sugar Bowl Is The Elsa Kitchen Inspo You've Been Waiting For — PHOTOS

Your kitchen inspo radar is about to go through the roof because this sugar bowl is also a snow globe, and it's so effing cute I honestly don't know what to do with myself. Have you ever felt like you really needed something, but you weren't sure what it was? Like, you were lonely and maybe needed love or were looking for a partner, a match made in heaven, or what have you? Well, as it turns out, that feeling of emptiness in me has been a result of living without this snow globe. And I'm only like 50 percent exaggerating here, because I'm always looking for cheap ways to splurge and decorate my apartment.

Granted, it's not quite time for winter accessories and decorations, but the sooner you get your winter decor, the less you pay for it. Not only that, but I have the hardest time finding pieces I actually want to keep in my kitchen, that I won't get sick of after four days. It's equally hard to find a product that looks nice, and fits with the ~~vibes~~ you're going for, but is actually useful. (That's my only regret here, because I actually don't take sugar in my coffee. But, maybe it's time to start.)

Here's The Glorious, Sparkling Lil Snow Globe


And Here's The Product In Action


T A D A.

I'm weirdly enthralled by these products. The company that makes the snow globe/sugar dispenser, Peleg Design, makes other hilarious, but useful products too.

Like This Yolk Separator



Here's The Full Video For My Other New Fav Product


For their other products, find Peleg's page here.

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