What Does Nick Think Of Samantha's 'BiP' Drama?

When it comes to any good reality show, drama is to be expected. However, Bachelor in Paradise contestant Samantha Steffen seems to be going above and beyond the call of duty this season. Not only did she not stand up for her friend Juelia after Joe Bailey to used her order to stay on the show, but she also attempted to lie about the situation, claiming that she never actually spoke with Joe before the show started. That's pretty harsh, even by reality dating standards. So naturally, her popularity among viewers has hit some rocky terrain. But, can the same be said about her fellow contestants? We all know Nick Peterson has been interested in Samantha for quite some time now, but after the show wrapped, have his feelings changed? Or, do Nick and Samantha still talk? [UPDATE: As of the BiP finale, Nick and Samantha are still happily dating.]

A lot of times, people tend to put their crushes up on pedestals, giving off the persona that they can do no wrong. So, when that ideal image you've created in your mind is tarnished, it could change how you see that person from then on out. (Kinda like when I realized back in college that my crush believed no woman could or should ever be president. Umm, NO THANKS!) So, does Nick harbor any ill will for Samantha now that her betrayal is out in the open? Given what I've seen posted on his social media accounts, his outlook on the whole thing seems pretty calm and rational. In fact, he even appeared to come to her defense.

This doesn't sound like someone who no longer has feelings for Samantha. He didn't need to try to plead her case or give viewers a different perspective, and yet, that's exactly what he did. It's almost as if he still wants the audience to like her… perhaps because he still likes her as well? And, she seems to be chummy with him still, too.

Look, I'm not necessarily saying that this means he's going to keep pursuing her or anything. Those rose colored glasses he was wearing around her have probably been wiped clean, at least a bit, after all of this. I'm just pointing out that he doesn't appear to have a chip on his shoulder about the ordeal. He doesn't want to see her verbally attacked, proving yet again what a great guy he truly is. Whether or not they made a lasting romantic connection, it seems the two of them are, at the very least, good friends.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC