Niall Horan Jokes About 2020 Presidential Run, But Maybe He Should Run With Kanye Instead

By now, we've all heard about Kanye West's big VMA announcement. Some people have already created swag for West's supposed 2020 Presidential run. One thing is missing: the Robin to his Batman... the Patrick to his SpongeBob. That's why when Niall Horan jokingly said he's running for president in 2020, I got the best idea: He would make the perfect running mate for West.

Think about it: It has been a year of changes for both musicians. For one, Horan's boy band, One Direction, went from being a band of five dudes to a band of four; tears were shed and bonds were broken. The biggest boy band in the world lost Zayn Malik, and nothing would ever be the same. We were forced to alter our posters, merch, and phone backgrounds to match the new dynamic. Who could we trust after that? (Niall. I'm hinting at Niall.)

West has been busy lately too. His collaboration on "FourFiveSeconds" with Rihanna and Paul McCartney was an instant hit, and the same goes for his hard hitting track "All Day" that was released earlier this year. He's even expecting his second child with his selfie queen wife, Kim Kardashian West. However, nothing compares to his Vanguard acceptance speech and his presidential candidacy announcement.

Running for president is no easy task, so it's a good thing that Niall Horan is eager to hop on a ballot as well. Don't shut down the idea yet. Sure, he might not be from the states, but Horan's got all of the tools to make himself a killer running mate for West, and here's why:

He Loves President Obama

This is no secret. In fact, a few years back, some of Horan's friends even bought him a President Obama wax figure that came on a bench — perfect for photo ops. West has also been a supporter for President Obama, so it's good to know that they have similar taste.

He Is Good With Children

One Direction fans across the globe squeal a little every time this Irish superstar puts a photo of his nephew Theo Horan on Instagram (I mean, I have to assume, since that's how I react). He loves showing everyone how fast his nephew is growing up, and it is clear that he is the best uncle ever (I may be biased).

It's no surprise that West adores his daughter North West, so clearly he and his running mate (in my dreams) can handle the photo ops with the multitudes of babies that every presidential candidate has to deal with.

He Is A People Person

This blondie not only has tons of fans, but tons of friends. He's known for being the fun-loving, charming, and charismatic guy he is, so it's no surprise he's got a ton of pals. From Selena Gomez to Jamie Foxx, Horan has a sizable entourage. He'd have tons of people behind West's campaign in no time.

So I say, who cares if this fantasy campaign is another five years away? The early bird gets the worm, so it is never too early to start assembling the ultimate squad. And when you think about it, "West/ Horan 2020" has a nice ring to it.