'Empire' Season 2 Unveils New Tracks & You'll Be More Excited Than Ever For This Season's Soundtrack

It's finally (almost) here! The long-awaited premiere of Empire Season 2 is just a few weeks away, and you know what that means: not long until more Lyon family drama and some amazing music, to boot. When it comes to the latter, the powers that be are wasting no time in drumming up our enthusiasm, and on Thursday Fox released two new tracks from the Empire Season 2, Volume 1 soundtrack that's due out later this year. The songs will get you totally hype for what's to come, but they're also amazing on their own and will no doubt be appearing on plenty of party playlists in the coming months, for sure.

"No Doubt About It" is an upbeat, dance-friendly number with vocals by Jussie Smollett (Jamal Lyon) and featuring Pitbull. I know I don't really need to say anything else given that Pitbull is a legend when it comes to party music, but if you're not already convinced just knowing that information, you soon will be when you listen to it. "Aint About The Money" is even more down and dirty, featuring Smollett and Yazz, who you'll know better as Hakeem Lyon. I'm not going to lie: I am even more obsessed with this show after listening to these.

EmpireFoxVEVO on YouTube
EmpireFoxVEVO on YouTube

Sure, neither of them are quite like "Drip Drop" or "Good Enough" (my personal favorite), but they're solid additions to the Empire catalogue and at the very least, they serve as a teaser for what's to come. I'm sure given all that's happening with Cookie desperately trying to take control of Empire and Lucious soon to be getting out of jail (among other forthcoming plotlines), they'll have plenty of inspiration when it comes to writing new songs, and I can't wait to hear every single one of them.

Empire Season 2 premieres on Wednesday, September 23 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. The episode will pick up three months after the events of the Season 1 finale, and something tells me things are going to get really crazy this time around. I'm counting on it, that's for sure.

Image: Fox