Danielle Staub Is Engaged, So What Do Her Fellow 'Real Housewives Of New Jersey' Cast Members Think

Engaged 19 times? Try 20. It was revealed on Monday that former Too Real Housewife Danielle Staub is engaged to her boyfriend Joe Masalta, but do the other Housewives have anything to say in the way of congratulations or otherwise? It looks like the rest of the Real Housewives Of New Jersey cast is staying tight-lipped on this one —none of them had a word to say about it on their social media.

Danielle announced the news on her Facebook page on Sept. 3 saying that she was "overwhelmed and incredibly grateful for the outpouring of well wishes and support," but it looks like none of those congratulations came from any of the Housewives. Teresa Giudice gets a pass because she's currently in prison, but not a word came from Dina or Caroline Manzo, nor from Jacqueline Laurita. But it's not a surprise that they are staying cold since things have been pretty cut-off between Danielle and the rest of the cast since she departed the show after just two seasons.

Danielle was at the heart of one of the most notorious Housewives moments of all time. She and Teresa got into an epic screaming battle at a dinner party that culminated in Teresa proclaiming that Danielle was a "prostitution whore," claiming that she was engaged 19 times, and flipping a table to prove her point, providing us lucky plebes of the public with the best reaction gif of all time.

The former Housewife was also in the center of drama with Jacqueline Laurita and her daughter (RHONJ is a family affair). Jacqueline's daughter, Ashley Holmes, ripped out Danielle's extensions. Yikes!

Since then, Danielle, who butted heads with the rest of the Housewives on the two seasons she was on, has tweeted that she would love to return to the show, even though after her initial departure she seemed totally done.

In the few days since Danielle made the announcement of her engagement, the Manzos and Jacqueline have been busy tweeting, but nothing about their former co-star's engagement. Caroline is enjoying sunsets with her family, while Dina is advocating for Childhood Cancer Awareness month. And Jacuqeline Laurita is apparently very interested in Kermit's new girlfriend. But not a word about Danielle or her news of wedding bells from any of the old gang.

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Interestingly enough, there's a shaky rumor that during the taping of Real Housewives Of New Jersey Season 6 reunion, Teresa and Dina said that they would welcome Danielle back on the show. The report comes from Radar Online, so take from it what you will, but a source said that Teresa and Dina told host Andy Cohen that of all the other former Housewives, the only one they would like to see return is Danielle.

So, will she be back for Season 7? Will Teresa return after she's released from prison in December? Everything is up in the air, but one thing is for sure: None of the Housewives seem to care that Danielle is getting married and that is an ice-cold shut-out.