Could Danielle Staub Return To 'RHONJ' Next Season

Right now, the casting process of The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 7 is still coming together. We know that Jacqueline Laurita hinted at a return, while Dina Manzo has already promised that despite having just rejoined the series, Season 6 will have been her last. Bravo appears to be rushing the season into production in hopes of capturing Teresa Giudice going to jail, either with her as a cast member or catching her friends and family's reactions, like the end of Season 6 did with her sentencing. But now that RHONJ has proven that they don't discriminate about inviting back former Housewives for new seasons, there's one big question: Will Danielle Staub return for Season 7?

One thing's for sure: Danielle would love to come back to Bravo. According to her Twitter, she's basically waiting by the phone for them to call. But it doesn't sound like Andy Cohen or anyone else at Bravo feels as passionately as Staub does. She's been very honest about their lack of interest in having her back. If you're unable to decipher the collection of numbers and symbols below, she says she wants to return but Bravo and Cohen aren't biting… yet.

And she's said the same thing in response to at least a dozen more inquires from fans.

But I'm sure Danielle will be busy even if she doesn't have to juggle a shooting schedule. Staub has a lot going on in her personal life. She just declared bankruptcy, but over $700,000 was forgiven of the 1.9 million she claims that she owed. And if Staub is back for Season 7, she may have more in common with Teresa Giudice than ever before. They're both intimately acquainted with the New Jersey legal system, and supposedly Teresa and Dina (who's not even planning to be on the show) told Andy Cohen that they wanted Staub to return during the taping of the reunion.

What a difference from the very cold way Staub responded to the news of the Giudices' sentencing. So while it's probably not worth it to see Staub return — it would be such a rehash of the early seasons' problems — if only we could stage a Dinner Party from Hell reunion. Because nothing will ever top that moment, and after Teresa heads to prison we may never get the chance at a scene like that again.

Images: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo; Giphy