Let's Get To The Bottom Of That 'BB' Liztin Rumor

Ever since the wee hours of Wednesday, Sept. 2, all the buzz has been about just one thing for fans of Big Brother : Did Austin and Liz have sex in the house? Sure, this has sparked other questions like, does Big Brother give condoms to the houseguests (yes), and does Julia know about her sister hooking up on live TV (no), but everything goes back to the question of whether or not they even had sex in the first place. In an attempt to get to the bottom of this, I had to watch the supposed Austin and Liz "sex" video from the live feeds for myself and see what clues it held.

After all, the whole point of Big Brother is that the houseguests are monitored 24/7 on the live feeds, with highlights, competitions, meetings, and evictions broadcast on CBS three times per week. Why not take advantage of all that surveillance and my feeds subscription to crack open a case that's left fans debating for days? What I discovered from the video was even more surprising than I expected, and not for the reasons you might think. Here's a play-by-play so you can see for yourself.

The Foreplay

Everything starts out innocently with a normal makeout session. At 3:55 a.m., there is definite ass-grabbing happening as Austin goes in for a deeper, more passionate kiss, and both of Liz's hands seem to be under the covers. By 3:57 a.m., there seems to be something happening under the covers, because there's some soft moaning happening and Austin's face indicates he's definitely enjoying himself. They get close again, he asks Liz if she's OK, she seems to say yes, and they carry on.

The Declaration

At around 3:58, Liz says, "I'm just happy I made it this far with you." Wow! This might actually be the most shocking moment in the video.

The Reminder That They're On Camera

When Austin climbs on top of Liz, the BB camera starts to move around a lot, trying to get a better angle. The noise it makes reminds them they're being watched. Liz yells, "That fucking camera! Fuck you!" and gives it the finger.

The Possible Act

By 4:03 a.m., Austin appears to be fingering Liz. He gets on top of her again, and then they just sort of lay there. They don't really move, and there's no sort of movements that normally indicate sex is happening. But something seems to be happening, because he stays on top of her for quite a while... I just don't know.

The Resolution

By 4:07 a.m., they seem to be done with whatever it is they're doing. Austin gets off of Liz, they separate, and then he says good night. They get in their usual spooning position, and maybe Austin is trying to make something happen (either again or for the first time, who knows), but then somebody is in the room and moving around.

So, did Austin and Liz have sex? If I had to bet on it, I'd say no. My guess is they maybe wanted to have sex and maybe even got close to having sex, but then decided to stop. There were a few moments when they whispered to each other in a volume that their microphones couldn't pick up, and we'll likely never know what they said to each other then.

Perhaps they were afraid of someone walking in, or one of them didn't want to, or the camera noises were too distracting. Whatever happened, I don't think any Big Brother fans have seen Liz and Austin consummate their relationship.

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Images: CBS (5)