Hillary 2016 Needed "Now More Than Ever," Says Sen. Dianne Feinstein In Politico

Another powerful Democrat lined up behind the still-unofficial Hillary 2016 effort Tuesday. Senator Dianne Feinstein penned a glowing endorsement of Clinton in Politico this morning, calling Clinton “transformative” and “one of the most impressive women I’ve ever known.” Feinstein focused on her former colleague’s Senate career, and said that the country needs her “now more than ever.”

It's not a surprise that Feinstein is supporting Clinton: Every female Democratic senator has already signed a letter urging Clinton to run for president in 2016. But every high-profile supporter who joins that growing apparatus increases the pressure on the former Secretary of State to run, and makes it just a little bit harder for her to justify not running.

A presidential campaign-in-waiting has sprouted up around Clinton, also known as Ready For Hillary, the super PAC that already has a plan laid out. It’s rare, by the way, that prospective candidates have to justify not running for president — but then again, it’s rare for a politician to such near-unanimous support within her party as Clinton has.