The Familiar 'Fuller House' Logo Will Make You Wonder What Other Iconic Things The Show Could Bring Back

If you haven’t heard the news (have you, perhaps, been living under a Wi-Fi-free rock?) the most beloved television sitcom of the '90s — Full House — is back! Well, not really. It has a sequel though, which is basically the next best thing. The sequel in question, properly titled Fuller House , will follow a recently widowed D.J. Tanner as she raises her sons. After she loses her husband to an untimely death, D.J.’s little sister, Stephanie, and the worst/best neighbor of all time, Kimmy move in, to help D.J. with the kids.

If this plot sounds familiar, that’s because, uh, it is. Fuller House isn’t about to fix what isn’t broken, if you know what I mean. But, if it wants to be successful, it will have to modernize things to some extent: The way we consume television has vastly changed since Full House ended in 1995, and Michelle Tanner’s quips might not make a current audience LOL like they used to, you know, during the simpler times. Bets are that Fuller House will use every bit of nostalgia to it’s advantage, though — case in point, the just-revealedFuller House logo.

Look familiar? That bubble font, that mustard yellow, the shadowing effects! It's all too real for me right now. I can practically feel Danny Tanner smiling at me from a grassy knoll.

So, now that this is giving me all the nostalgia, I have to wonder: what other iconic things will the show bring back? Judging by the new/not-so-new-at-all logo, it seems like the show might go for a strong approach — and honestly, if that's true, I won't be mad.

Here are some of the things we know are making their way back around and into the heart (there's a heart!) of Fuller House.

It Will Be Set In San Francisco, According To The Daily Beast

No word on whether or not they will film in the same house, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they pick something very similar. Or at least something that nods back to the most iconic pieces of the original home (i.e. the blue plaid couch, the staircase, Uncle Jesse’s rabbit wallpaper).

They Will Reuse Old Catch Phrases

Candace Cameron Bure (you know her as D.J.) told MTV that "there will be several catch phrases from the original series." HAVE MERCY, please let one of them be "Have mercy."

Basically, All The Actors/Actresses Will Be Back At Some Point

Apparently, the first episode serves as a kind of mini-reunion. (The only people that likely won’t make an appearance are the Olsen sisters, sadface.) Guys, according to Us Weekly, even Steve is back! Does this mean there might be time for a Steve and D.J. Romance: Part Two? *crosses fingers*

The Kids Will Be Adorbs

I can only hope that Fuller House will provide us with some pretty cute GIFs of children saying catchy things that don't make sense. According to E! Online, Cameron Bure did say that the actors hired to play her sons won't disappoint in the adorable factor. This means that, just like its predecessor, Fuller House will tug at the old heart strings. A subtle nostalgic nod, sure, but a nod nonetheless.

It's safe to say that once we all sit down to watch Fuller House in 2016, we'll be reminded of its roots everywhere we look. (Sorry, I had to!)

Images: Warner Bros. Television; Giphy (4)