6 'Pretty Little Liars' Plot Holes That Can't Be Explained By Anyone, Even Big A Herself

If you're a hardcore Pretty Little Liars fan, then you know what it's like to obsess over every single clue that this mystery-driven drama gives us — and trust me, there are many. The show pays such enormous attention to detail and tries to make so many of the smallest hints add up to major things down the line, that it's extremely frustrating when we see things that seem like glaring plot holes on Pretty Little Liars. Showrunner/PLL Queen I. Marlene King has explained many of these so-called plot holes (like the hotly contested timeline inconsistency of the Toby and Ali flashback), but there are still plenty of things that have fans demanding answers.

Unfortunately, in life there are certain questions that we may never know the answers to, and apparently that includes the various inconsistencies on Pretty Little Liars. While King may be down to answer our questions about some of the bigger plot holes on the series, I highly doubt she's going to open up about any of the seven I've compiled below. Here are some Pretty Little Liars plot holes that will probably never be answered, and leave you as frustrated as a long hiatus does.

1. Why Did No One Mention The N.A.T. Club After Season 4?

So pretty much every member of this club winds up dead, and no one thinks to ask Ali what exactly these people were doing. What were on those videos? Who was really bankrolling them? Ali knew enough to threaten the members of the club with blackmail, but somehow none of the Liars find it significant to ask how that whole story might connect to everything else.

2. Why Did Ali Need All That Money From Byron??

It seemed like Mona first gave Ali the idea to run away after she found her on the side of the road, so why was Ali looking for thousands of dollars before that happened? Also, why did no one confront Ali about the fact that threatening to break up your BFF's parents for monetary gain is pretty messed up?

3. Why Didn't Anyone Just Ask Ali About Beach Hottie?

Ali was willing to lay everything on the line for the Liars in New York and tell them everything about her disappearance, but they never thought to ask about the dude that Ali spent the summer before she disappeared with. I know there were plenty of other questions to ask, but if they thought that Beach Hottie was potentially related to A in anyway, wouldn't his identity be pretty damn important?

4. Why Is Everyone Cool With Melissa Getting Engaged To Wren?

If you do the math, Melissa is only about a year or so out of her super serious relationship with Ian when she gets engaged to Wren. Zero eyebrows raised. Not even super-planner Peter Hastings thought to suggest that his daughter take things slow with this new guy, who he wasn't crazy about in the first place. But nope, instead they just let the newly engaged couple move into the barn and start planning a wedding.

5. Why Hasn't Anyone Confronted Ezria On Their Relationship's Ickiness?

Pretty much everyone now knows that Aria and Ezra are — or technically, were — a thing. They even showed up to the Rosewood High School prom together. Shouldn't at least one parent or teacher have expressed concern about their romance at some point? Let's not forget, he was her teacher and she was a minor when this relationship began.

6. Why Was CeCe Wearing Such A Terrible Wig When She Attacked Mona?

I mean, CeCe has gorgeous blonde hair already. Please explain why she'd cover it with the fake version, King.

Unfortunately, we may never get these plot holes filled in. Fingers crossed that PLL is filled with even more answers going forward — because I just can't handle any more open-ended questions like these.

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