How To Get A PSL Early (As In, TODAY)

So, hey, remember when we found out that everyone's favorite fall beverage would be available early for select few customers? I found out this morning exactly what that means — and subsequently, I am now able to tell you how to get a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte early. You heard me: Even though the PSL doesn't officially drop until Sept. 8, you can, in fact, get one now. As in, today. Right this very minute, in fact — if, that is, you know the secret password.

It's not unusual for the PSL to have something of a soft launch before its official release date; in 2014, for example, participating in a wacky online scavenger hunt called “Spot the Spice” allowed enthusiasts of the autumnal treat to gain access to it on August 25, about a week before its official Sept. 2 debut. This year, though, there seem to be fewer hoops for us to jump through in order to get our pie-scented fix sooner. Are we getting lazy with our PSL devotion? Maybe — but at the same time, maybe there's just only so much we can be expected to do for a coffee drink.

In any event, the anthropomorphized representation of the Pumpkin Spice Latte tweeted the following intriguing message last night:

Hmmmm. Fascinating. How exactly does one acquire a #PSLFanPass? Obviously I had to investigate — and thankfully, it's actually pretty easy. Here's the lowdown:

1. Go to the PSL Fan Pass Website

It's part of the PSL's Tumblr, because of course the PSL has its very own Tumblr.

2. Input the Secret Password

Here's where it gets a little tricky, because you have to actually guess the password. My initial guess seen here? I had a pretty good idea that it was not, in fact, correct, even before I hit the “submit” button. But I had to at least try, right?

In any event, I did eventually figure it out — but I'm not going to tell you what it is right here and now, because that would spoil the fun. You'll have to guess for yourselves (although it turns out that you don't actually have to do that much actual guessing, so do with that what you will). Once you input the correct password…

3. Congratulations!

Drop you phone number in the box, hit “submit,” and within seconds, voila — a #PSLFanPass will appear in your inbox, all ready for you to show to the next Starbucks barista you encounter. If, y'know, they're actually behind the counter and working — obviously just showing it to a barista you walk by on the street would be a bad idea, because nobody wants a random stranger shoving a phone in their face and demanding a Pumpkin Spice Latte without warning and while they're off the clock.

So there you go. Use your powers wisely. Happy Pumpkin Spice Latte season!

Images: Starbucks; TheRealPSL/Tumblr (3)