Liam Payne's New Wrist Tat Channels Zayn

Many tattoo collectors attest to the addictive nature of getting inked. Classically handsome 1D member Liam Payne got a new tattoo and it's very big. In fact, it's more like and hand and arm tattoo, like the ones Rihanna and Payne's former bandmate Zayn Malik both have.

Hand tattoos mimic an accessory but they are not without their issues. The hands show age sooner than other parts of the body. They are often exposed to the sun. But perhaps the biggest challenge of having a large hand or lower arm tattoo is the fact that they are nearly impossible to hide. Heavy duty, six inch-thick makeup or gloves are pretty much the only options for concealing a hand tattoo. So it is a commitment, one that Payne recently made. He also got a tattoo on his lower forearm and the top side of his wrist. That has me wondering if the singer is about to take the plunge and get a full sleeve.

He has what appears to be an eagle on the top of his hand and the arm boasts skulls and roses with the phrase, "We Are the Quiet Ones" in script. They're both extensive and detailed. Will Directioners follow suit with some variant of this tattoo, since One Direction-inspired tattoos are fairly common?

With his pompadour, all-black outfit, and new ink, Payne looks the part of rocker. If he is indeed intending to sleeve, he's doing it right, since his tattoos have some consistency with the color and style. Unlike his equally handsome bandmate Harry Styles, who sprinkles random tattoos everywhere.

An eagle-eyed 1D fan posted a pic of Payne's hand tattoo a few days before he was seen with his skulls and roses arm ink.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Malik's hand tattoo is similar and I'm sure this will set off a bunch of conspiracy theories about whether Payne will be next to leave the band.


Have a closer look at Malik's heavily inked hand.

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Rihanna's hand/arm tattoo is infamous. She and Payne are like tattoo twins!

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Rihanna often dresses up her outfits with gobs of accessories. But the singer's intricate hand tattoo, which extends from above her wrist to her fingernails, is like an accessory unto itself.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She could ditch all bracelets and rings and the ink would serve as its own unique addition to an outfit.


It looks like a cuff at times!

The hand tattoo crew needs to do a song together, stat. That said, this is a large and super visible inking for Payne. He was previously known for his arrow tattoo on his forearm. It appears as though the spotlight will now be on his hand.

Images: Rising Dragon Tattoo/Instagram (1); MaddieBursaw/Twitter (1)