Ashley & Jared Having Sex On 'Bachelor In Paradise' Is Just Never Going To Happen & This Is Why

Look, I realize that Bachelor franchise producers and editors are in the business of drumming up buzz and more viewers, but it's really disappointing how they've chosen to handle Ashley Iaconetti and her virginity. It's like everything on her season of The Bachelor and everything on Bachelor in Paradise has sensationalized the fact that she hasn't had sex yet, when clearly that's something that's both pretty personal and not that big of a deal. And now? The promo for the BiP finale has Ashley talking about losing her virginity to Jared now that she secured a sneaky surprise overnight date from Chris Harrison. But, if you're thinking that they're actually going to sleep together, I have to rain on your parade a little, because I'm almost certain that there's no way Ashley and Jared will have sex on Bachelor in Paradise.

I know it would make for really great TV, but in my opinion, it's just not happening. After all, the sheer presence of a Fantasy Suite does not mean anything is actually going to happen in the Fantasy Suite. It can actually be used for other things, like talking and getting to know the other person better without the presence of cameras — sex isn't a guarantee.

No matter how the editing team decides to spin it, I'm pretty positive Ashley and Jared having sex is not going to be a part of this week's two-night finale. It's not that I would fault Ashley for deciding to sleep with Jared if she wanted to, that's totally her call! But, it's just obvious that this plot line is for story sake, and not the exact truth.

Jared's Not That Kind Of Guy

And by "kind of guy," I mean the kind who would have sex with someone knowingly for her first time without feeling 100 percent committed to having feelings for her. Jared watched Ashley on The Bachelor and he's hung out with her on and off all season long. He knows what this would mean to her, and I have a feeling he's not that into her (as much as it pains me to say this). The Jared we've seen is far too considerate of others' feelings to pull something like that.

It's Just Another Fake Out

Like pregnancy tests and other dramatic moments of yore, Bachelor shows have a way of getting us pumped for something that never actually happens. I'm too jaded at this point. I know it's not actually happening.

Ashley Said Herself That It's Not Happening

These tweets basically say it all. Show's over, folks. Nothing to see here.

And sex or no sex, I'm still really interested to see how this date goes down. Obviously, this is going to be make it or break it for their relationship (or lack thereof) and I can't wait to see what happens.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC