Is Ashley I. Single? After 'Bachelor In Paradise' She's Still Looking For The Aladdin To Her Jasmine

I love Bachelor in Paradise's resident crier, but Ashley I. did not take that Jared breakup (brush off? Does it count as a breakup if they only kissed and went out on a date once?) very well. After putting all of her eggs in the Jared basket, she was pretty broken hearted when he told her he just wasn't feeling it. But, that didn't stop her from giving him her rose the next week, despite the fact that Amber wanted to. She also wrote Jared a four page letter (front and back) about how she feels. It was awkward, to say the least. So, assuming it didn't work out with him (how could it?) is Ashley I. still single after Bachelor in Paradise? Or, did she finally find someone other than Jared to set her affections on?

Honestly, I'm hoping a new eligible man shows up in Paradise soon, because otherwise she is going to be back to dating in the real world. But, since there's just one week before the show is over, that seems pretty unlikely. So, I decided to do some social media snooping to find out where she stands today. (Fingers crossed she's over Jared.)

She's Still Talking About Jared

But in a joke-y, self-aware way.

And Disney Dreaming

She's always referred to herself as Jasmine, and was banking on Jared being her Aladdin. It doesn't look like she's got anyone to replace him just yet.

Getting Some Girl Time In

Here she is hitting the club with her girlfriends. No fellas in sight, which is probably for the best. After Bachelor in Paradise, she probably needed some girl time.

Calling Out The Haters

She's also been busy calling out all of the haters on Twitter, which is kind of amazing. Come on guys, everyone gets a zit every now and again, why be a jerk about it?

Preaching Truth

Speaking of, she's also been defending herself (and her major breakdowns) with a pretty on point Lena Dunham quote.

She's Doing Her

It sure looks like she is rocking the single life on and off the show. Hopefully she finds her own Aladdin someday, but, if not, there is always next season of Bachelor in Paradise!

Images: Screengrab/ABC