These Gelato Donuts Are The Answers To Questions You Didn't Even Know You Had — PHOTOS

There have been so many trendy food fusions in recent years — including the cronut (croissant x donut), the Bruffin (brioche x muffin), the Cupcaron (cupcake x macaron), the Baissant (bagel x croissant), and the Dausage (sausage x donut … guys, I don’t even know) — that I’ve been feeling fairly done with the whole concept (I mean, sure, mashups are great, but what’s wrong with just enjoying a croissant by itself??). But then someone came along with gelato donutsyes, donuts with gelato inside — and suddenly I am COMPLETELY on board again. If the hybrid food craze means I get to eat donuts and gelato at the same time, then please, universe, let it go on forever.

The gelato donut is the magical brainchild of Australian gelato franchise Gelatissimo. It is exactly what it sounds like: A donut with a scoop of gelato inside. The donut is served warm, which means that the gelato is a little melty, and therefore perfect. And the fact that this concoction features a donut means that it can officially count as breakfast food (according to me, anyway), and can be eaten at eight in the morning.

The gelato donut is currently only being sold in Brisbane, but it will become available at Gelatissimo locations all over Australia on September 9. Which means, fellow Americans, that we have five days to book our plane tickets and get in line.

Images: gelatissimogelato/Instagram (4)