Brooklyn Beckham Broods On 'Miss Vogue' Cover

We all know that Victoria and David Beckham have some seriously gorgeous children. I mean, how could they not? They aren't too shabby in the looks department themselves! But Brooklyn Beckham's new Miss Vogue cover for the magazine's October issue proves that the Beckham brood isn't just your run-of-the-mill good looking bunch — they're supermodel caliber stunning.

David and Victoria have had their fair share of modeling gigs over the years, but this marks the first occasion one of their offspring has scored aVogue adjacent cover. At just 16 years old, Brooklyn already seems perfectly poised to become the next big face in the modeling industry. But from the interview he did for Miss Vogue, it sounds like the eldest Beckham sibling hasn't quite decided what he wants to dedicate his life to just yet. He told the publication, "I love football, but I’m also very passionate about photography and film. I’m keeping my options open right now."

And while his famous mom might get all the fashion accolades, Brooklyn enthused that he always takes his dad's advice, and even shares clothes with him. Beckham may not have top model aspirations at this point, but he's proven he certainly has the chops!

Judging from the candid snaps on both parents Instagram accounts, all four of their children are blessed with those preternatural good looks. Here are seven more times the Beckham kids proved they are all totally cover star-worthy.

1. All In The Family

2. Born To Wear Black Tie

3. Multi-Talented

4. FROW Swag On Lock

5. Harper's Got A Better Shoe Collection Than You

6. And A Better Wardrobe...

7. I Wish They All Could Be California Girls

So cute!

Images: victoriabeckham/Instagram (7); davidbeckham/Instagram