17 'Game of Thrones' Characters We All Wish Could Be Resurrected

When it comes to the death toll on Game of Thrones, there are few shows on television that can match its grisly and gruesome numbers (except for The Walking Dead, naturally). However, that doesn't seem to ever lighten the blow when a beloved character gets nixed. Fans of the fantasy drama have come to expect that their favorite could be next... especially if that person is a Stark. That family really can't seem to catch a break. And, since we have to say goodbye to so many of our favorites, there are quite a few Game of Thrones characters we want to see resurrected.

Season 5 ended with the most shocking death in the entire series — Jon Snow's murder by the hand of his own men of the Night's Watch. However, many viewers are holding onto the theory that Jon Snow could very likely be resurrected. There are signs all over the show and the book series that he's actually a Targaryen, and, therefore, could be brought back by fire. He could also be brought back by the powers of Melisandre, who conveniently showed up to The Wall just in time for the mutiny.

It's going to be a long wait before we find out Jon Snow's true fate. Until then, let's take a look at all of the characters we all wish could be brought back to life. Sure, many of them are pretty far fetched, but a gal can dream, right?

1. Jon Snow


He's the only one who really has a shot of coming back on this list. C'mon Jon Snow, what's Game of Thrones is nothing without you! Even if you only know nothing.

2. Ygritte


I suppose Jon Snow just couldn't have his cake and eat it too, eh George R.R. Martin? Ugh, still! I would love to see Ygritte get vengeance on the Night's Watch for betraying her one and only!

3. Ned Stark


His death really set the tone of the show: brutal, unfair, and impossible to predict. Westeros needs him more than ever. Winter has come.

4. Catelyn Stark


She does come back in the books, but, unfortunately, her resurrection wasn't brought into the television series. I'm tellin' ya, these Starks have it rough.

5. Mance Rayder


Just when he and Snow were figuring things out, but Stannis had to go and ruin everything! Gah! If he and Jon come back, the living may actually have a chance at taking on the Night's King. I also appreciated the complexity of his character, and the arc of his relationship to Jon Snow — there was a lot of humanity and respect at the core, which this show could use a lot more of.

6. Karsi


We were just getting to know and love her in Hardhome and boom, dead. She filled the Ygritte-shaped hole in all of our hearts.

7. Oberyn Martell


This one I still can't get over. He was so charismatic and open to negotiations. In a series of hard heads, he was a welcome change. It was also so refreshing to see a man fight for his sister's honor the way he did. Way to squash his skull, Mountain.

8. The Hound


Sure, he was a pretty terrible guy historically, but he's also one of the finest warriors in the entire series. We didn't actually see him die, so maybe, just maybe he will return.

9. Khal Drogo


Second time at resurrection is the charm, right? Daenerys was left at the end of Season 5 being surrounded by Dothraki. His Khaleesi needs him now more than ever!

10. Robb Stark


I just feel like an army of undead Starks would have a lot of bones to pick, and I'd love to see them take back what was so brutally stolen from them.

11. Shireen Baratheon


12. Master Aemon


If this guy comes back, you better believe the Night's Watch would have hell to pay.

13. Jojen Reed


Bran needs all the help he can get, and Jojen showed himself to be terribly brave and loyal.

14. Myrcella Baratheon

If we're going to give into the whole "Jaime Lannister isn't completely vile" storyline, then he can't just have a poisoned to death daughter on his hands.

15. Syrio Forel


Arya needs ya, man!

16. Renly Baratheon


The Baratheons have become so predictable. I miss Renly's rebellious ways.

17. Talisa Stark


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Or a woman who was stabbed to death, her unborn child stabbed to death, her fiancé stabbed to death, and her mother-in-law stabbed to death.

It's a good thing we didn't have to witness all of the horrifying murders of the Night's King army of wights, because I'm pretty much at capacity here.

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