Book Titles And Beer Names Sound A Lot Alike

New microbreweries are popping up every day, bringing plenty of wild and whimsical beer names to store shelves. That's part of what makes this new Internet time-suck so much fun. Book or Beer is a new website from Michael David Murphy, and it's the perfect game to play while you're waiting for your pint.

The rules are simple. Each round will present you with the names of 10 young adult novels or New York beers, and you're tasked with deciding which is which. It sounds easy, but it's actually pretty difficult. If you're well-versed in YA or Brooklyn brews, you might find Book or Beer very easy. I'm not incredibly familiar with either category, so my play sessions involve a lot of second-guessing and surprises.

At the time of this writing, Book or Beer selects from a database of 81 titles, but that may expand if the site gets more traffic and response. No matter if your answers are wrong or right, the site will provide you with links for further information, such as brewery websites and reviews for the books and beers.

There are no leaderboards, and there's no way to share your results with your friends, but that doesn't mean you can't engage in a little light competition to see who buys the next round. Go until you miss to find out what you're reading or drinking next, or use the page to kill time between sets at your next concert. No matter how you decide to play Book or Beer, it will still be plenty of fun. Cheers!