What Will James Huling Do After 'Big Brother'? He Has Plenty Of Options

In case it still hasn't sunken in, let me apologize before reminding you that James has been evicted from Big Brother 17 . An unfortunate casualty of Liz's run as HoH during the double eviction, the fan favorite was sent to jury immediately after his best friend Meg was evicted. The houseguest worked his way into the hearts of the audience with his willingness to make big game moves, his friendly personality, and his penchant for pranking. He left the house with his head held high, and now that he's out of the game, the only question left is what will James do after Big Brother?

James' status as a fan favorite, in addition to being a Big Brother superfan, means that he'll probably be spending a good deal of this time participating in post-show activities such as keeping up with fans on Twitter, attending charity events, and hanging out with other former houseguests. When he gets out of the jury house and enters a the new chapter of his life, what is he going to do to celebrate his new exposure to a national audience? Will he go back to his hometown and continue being a retail associate, or does a new adventure await James?Here are a few predictions for how James will spend his time after Big Brother:

Spend Time With His Daughter

The only thing that is absolutely certain regarding James' life after Big Brother, is he will be spending it with his daughter. Baleigh is the most important part of James' life, and the whole reason he played the game as strongly as he did. He talked about his daughter a great deal in the house, and we can only wait for the flurry of adorable father-daughter pictures that will show up on Twitter once they are reunited.

Return To His Retail Job

I'm sure James' co-workers would gladly welcome him back. His biggest contribution to the Big Brother house was to make sure that everyone had fun, which probably comes from having to stay awake and engaged for hours a day at work. Retail work can be tough, but if you have James' spirit of mischief and fun, it has to make things a little easier.

Hang Out With Meg

Meg and James is the great "showmance that never was" of BB17, but hopefully their friendship will continue outside the house. Although Meg is famously a New York girl and James resides deep in the heart of Texas, social media can not only keep their friendship alive, but also allow everyone to still watch these two play off each other.

Start A Pranking Youtube Channel

Pranking channels have become a big sensation on Youtube. However, many of these prank channels tend to be mean-spirited and intend to make other people angry for the sake of humor. James, however, is great at performing pranks that aren't at other people's expense. A James Huling prank channel on Youtube would be a welcome change, with lighthearted pranks that keep everyone happy and entertained.

Be A Contestant On Survivor

If there is one reality show that James would be better suited for than Big Brother, it's Survivor. James is good at Big Brother, but his military training and competition skills would play right into his strengths and provide him a great shot at winning the final prize. Survivor has borrowed contestants from Big Brother in the past, including BB12's winner Hayden Moss. If anyone this season is going to be put on Survivor, it's gonna be James.

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Image: Monty Brinton/CBS