7 Hilary Duff Feminist Movies That Will Empower You

Ever since her Lizzie McGuire days, Hilary Duff has been the kind of girl with whom we all want to be best friends. (I'm only a little jealous of Lizzie's BFF, Miranda.) Re-watching Lizzie McGuire as an adult confirmed one thing for me: Duff consistently plays feminist characters.

Duff's characters may have their growing pains, like the ones we often witnessed with Lizzie, or might be overwhelmed in a huge family, like her role in Cheaper By the Dozen. However, she always stands her ground and learns from her mistakes. The characters aren't perfect, but for the most part they set a strong example for other women.

It's no surprise then that Duff has so much control over her career. She took a years-long hiatus, took her time before releasing Breathe In. Breathe Out. , and successfully balances motherhood and her TV role. Her most recent character, Kelsey Peters on Younger , is an ambitious book editor who radiates confidence.

While Duff no doubt has a prolific career, I want to honor her most empowering movies. (Besides, we can always use a little bit of feminist inspiration, right?) You can out Duff's most feminist movies in the list below.

7. The Perfect Man

Duff played a matchmaker in this rom-com. Even though the film centers around her finding an ideal man for her mother, Duff's can-do attitude is what's most inspiring.

6. Agent Cody Banks

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For the majority of the movie, Duff didn't know Cody Banks was a secret agent. However, when she did find out, she stepped up and kicked major butt.

5. Beauty & The Briefcase

Although Duff went undercover for a magazine story, she walked away learning more about herself.

4. Cadet Kelly

Military school was no match for Duff, who proved she can be tough without losing herself.

3. Raise Your Voice

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Duff's character follows her heart, even if it means defying her father.

2. The Lizzie McGuire Movie

Duff may have been captivated by Paulo's charm, but she refused to let him use her.

1. A Cinderella Story

This modern day adaptation of Cinderella finds Duff as a hard-working teen unwilling to let anyone around her bring her down.

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