9 'Pretty Little Liars' Characters You Totally Forgot About, From Holden Strauss To Noel Kahn's Older Brother

Anyone who's ever watched even one episode of Pretty Little Liars knows that the main focus always centers around the four core Liars. I mean, sure, life in Rosewood wouldn't be the same without Mona's diabolical deeds or Caleb's general amazingness, but on the whole, this series lives and breaths off of the constant drama these girls seem to attract. But what about the forgotten Pretty Little Liars characters? The ones that we saw briefly once or twice, but then never heard from again? Did they end up suffering at the hand of A in some torturous way or were they actually able to escape the horrors of this town and go on to live a completely normal life?

I highly doubt we'll ever really know the answer to any of these questions, however, that doesn't stop me from being curious in regards to their unknown fate. They may not have wormed their way into our hearts like the main PLL cast has, but they still managed to make their mark on the show in some form or another, regardless of how significant (or rather, insignificant) their characters turned out to be in this crAzy little game called life. So to help quench our PLL thirst throughout this long and pain hiatus, here's a look back at all the Rosewood visitors who stopped by and then were totally forgotten about.

Holden Strauss

Hey, remember this guy? Aria's childhood friend seemed like a pretty cool guy, even if he didn't always make the smartest decisions (like continuing to do martial arts in spite of his heart condition). But aside from that, he helped to keep Aria's relationship with Ezra a secret and came across as an all-around decent dude. So while clearly he was way too nice to be able to stick around for good, I just can't help but wonder what exactly became of him. Let's just hope that heart issue didn't get the best of him.

Alex Santiago

You can always count on Spencer to gravitate toward really attractive men and Alex was certainly no exception. Last we saw — which was way back in Season 1 BTW — Alex was still working at the Rosewood Country Club and was angry with Spencer after thinking she had submitted an application to a tennis clinic in Sweden on his behalf, even after he said he wasn't interested. Of course, this was all A's doing, but we never found out what actually happened to him. Did he end up going? Is he now in college like he wanted? I need to know.

Jesse Lindall

Given everything that these girls have gone through, you'd think that the Rosewood High guidance counselor would appear in more than just two episodes, and yet we haven't seen or heard from this guy since the end of Season 4 when he tried to help Mona and Aria work out their issues. Oh, and let's not forget that he was the one who set the whole Mona and Mike relationship in motion. But is he still a guidance counselor? Did he move to another school district? Inquiring minds want to know.

Cyrus Petrillo

Last time we checked in with Alison's faux-kidnapper, Cyrus, he was sporting some pretty serious burn injuries courtesy of A. After giving Aria and Hanna the name "Varjak," an unknown figure rose up from a nearby hospital bed and looked as though they were about to kill Cyrus in order to keep his mouth shut. However, we have no idea what actually ended up happening. Was this A who paid him a visit? Did he actually end up dying? I'd say we could assume as much, but given that this is PLL we're talking about, I wouldn't be surprised if he somehow pops up later on.


One minute he's Aria's martial arts instructor who gets stabbed in the foot by knives hidden in his punching bag, and the next minute he's completely gone from existence. You can't just leave us hanging like that!

Samara Cook

Though she was one of Emily's briefer love interests, Samara hasn't been seen at all since Season 2. Which is a shame, really, given that Claire Holt is an epic addition to any television series. (Two words: Rebekah Mikaelson.)

Sean Ackard

Yet another Rosewood ex to fall by the wayside. After things didn't work out with Hanna, it's later revealed that Sean went off to boarding school — never to be heard from again.

Eric Kahn

You may have kept Noel on your radar throughout the years, but what about his very suspicious (and super attractive) older brother, Eric? If you recall, he loved to collect other people's secrets and seemed to know CeCe (aka A) pretty well back during his high school days. So what's he up to now? Perhaps he ended up being on of A's minions?

Sydney Driscoll

Both Sydney and Jenna have been MIA since the Ice Ball. Did someone inform them that Mona isn't dead after all? Do they still hold a grudge against Alison? What exactly are Sydney's motives in all of this? Tell me what you know, PLL!

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