'Pretty Little Liars' Is On Hiatus, But These 11 Things Are Much Worse Than Our Torturous Wait

When I commit myself to a TV show, I don't just dedicate an hour every week to it. I obsess over it for hours at a time and usually on a daily basis, depending on how good the show is. Basically, I morph into some sort of a certified TV junkie, who possesses just as much patience as I do self control. And that's precisely why this Pretty Little Liars Season 6 hiatus is so excruciating for me (and the rest of the PLL-verse) to endure. Despite its many puzzling plot holes, this PLL five-year time jump has left viewers with several brand new questions. Who is Mr. Rollins? What have the Liars been up to all this time? And why is someone coming after Alison… again?

I mean, if you thought waiting for the Big A reveal was hard, that's nothing compared to what lies ahead of us now that the entire trajectory of the show is up in the air. It's a whole new Rosewood ballgame, folks, and I'm dying to see where it all leads. But without even so much as a Halloween episode to help quench our PLL thirst until the show's Season 6B debut in January, I fear I may be Radley-bound by the time this torturous wait is over. So to help ease my suffering, I've decided to round up some things that are actually way worse than waiting for PLL to return. Because, believe it or not, A isn't the only tormentor in this crazy little thing called life.

A Trip To The DMV

If Hell has a waiting room, this would be it.

Doing Your Taxes

A process that's not only very confusing, but also extremely frustrating. The struggle is real, my friends.

Unpacking After A Vacation

Please take me back to my seven-day weekends!

Buying Something That Comes In Clamshell Packaging

Am I not supposed to be able to open my purchase? Because that's definitely what's happening here.

When A Vending Machine Turns Against You

Whether it ate your dollar, wouldn't accept your money, or simply got your treat caught in its spiral clutches, this has basically become the worst day of your life.

Running Into Your Ex On Laundry Day

This is so not how you wanted your post-break up interaction to go.

Getting A Paper Cut

How does something so small manage to inflict so much pain?

Jury Duty

Make it stop. Please, just make it stop.

When You Have To Pee On An Airplane & You're Located At The Window Seat

Oh life, you cruel and tricky mistress.

A Trip To The Dentist

Suddenly all of that junk food just doesn't seem worth it.

Learning That Your Favorite Show Got Canceled

Because nothing is worse than an eternal hiatus.

Images: Eric McCandless/ABC Family; Giphy (9); fuckyeahchandlerbing/Tumblr (2); ohballet/Tumblr