What Is Ariana Grande Doing In Fall 2015? Arianators Should Be Very Excited For Cooler Weather This Year

Arianators, I hope you're sitting down, because your girl Ariana Grande has some big plans for fall 2015. Like, can your Ariana-stanning hearts even handle all of the craziness that she's throwing at you here? Because I'm really not so sure they can. Fall 2015 is going to be a straight-up Ariana Grande explosion and really, we're all just along for the ride.

Let's start off with the most exciting news of all: Ariana Grande is most likely dropping her new album, Moonlight, in October 2015 and that alone deserves pretty much every reiteration of the party hat emoji you can find. Grande has been dropping some hintity hint hints about her upcoming third album, and her tweets from Sept. 2 are pretty much the most telling "hints" of all. I mean, when she tweets a series of messages that include sentences about how she's "really effing excited for the nearby future" and "consider[s] October the nearby future" with enough ellipses and angel/devil emoticons to fill a house, there's only one takeaway fans can really take from that: Ariana Grande is releasing Moonlight in October 2015 and everyone's dreams are about to come true.

If that isn't exciting enough, let's remember that Grande is currently on tour and will be hitting up cities all across the U.S. (and Mexico! And Chile! And Argentina! And Brazil!) from now until October 2015. So if you love live music as much as I do (and I literally love it more than anything else on this planet), you'll probably want to see Grande in concert. And, like, there are so many chances to do so and multiple shows in big states like California, Texas and New York. Eek!

And then comes Scream Queens, the actress' foray back into television (YASSS), which premieres Sept. 22. The FOX comedy-horror television show features a cast to die for (muhaha), with Grande, Nick Jonas, Emma Roberts, Abigail Breslin, Keke Palmer, and Jamie Lee Curtis being just some of the big-names to star. Grande plays Chanel #2, one of the sorority members in the sisterhood led by Roberts, who stars as the main Chanel. It's possible she might get offed in the first season (no one's really safe), so let's enjoy the presence of Ariana Grande on television for as long as she'll grace us with her presence, OK?

Did I also mention that the 22-year-old just released her first perfume, ARI? Because that's also a thing that happened this September. Needless to say, here is an accurate depiction of all Ariana Grande fans come fall 2015:

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