What Should Your 'Bachelor In Paradise' Viewing Party Include? (Hint: Someone Has To Play Jorge The Bartender)

It's time to rally your friends and family, because the dramatic two-part Season 2 finale of Bachelor in Paradise starts Sunday, Sept. 6. I can barely contain my excitement, guys. Seriously, I'm surprised I'm able to type this as my body quakes with thoughts of Ashely I.'s tears, breakups, rose ceremonies, and Jorge The Bartender's sage advice. As an Entertainment Writer — and proud resident of the Bachelor Nation — I feel it is my civic duty to keep you abreast of all things BiP, so type on I shall. A finale is no ordinary night of television viewing, particularly when it comes to anything from the Bachelor franchise. My sister taught me long ago that finales are worth celebrating, which is why she and her friends make a ritual of hosting Bachelor parties during each season's final installment.

This season of BiP was particularly jaw-dropping (hi, Joe and Samantha, and everything in between), so you're going to want to go all out for your viewing party. In case you feel yourself bordering on a full-blown tizzy over the long list of to-do's you need to have squared away before Sunday night (i.e., tomorrow) rolls around — relax. I am here to ensure you are fully prepared going into party-planning mode. Grab your swimsuit, empanadas, and behold the following list of things you need to make your BiP party a celebration of the ages.

1. Swimwear

What better way to bid this season of BiP — and the summer — adieu than by dressing the part? Advise your guests to don their best bathing suits, tropical wraps, and flip flops.

2. A Fully Charged Smartphone

It's invariable that at least a few people will be unable to attend your party — these things happen. Keep your phone charged so that you can entertain while also participating in group chats, live tweets, and the like.

3. Mexican Cuisine

Either prepare it yourself, or make a stop at Chipotle.

4. Someone Who Can Play Jorge The Bartender

Let's face it: Jorge is the real breakout star of this season. No party would be complete without someone taking on the role of possibly the nicest bartender on the planet. Plus, somebody has to pour the drinks. Speaking of which...

5. Drinks

These can be alcoholic or nonalcoholic — whichever you prefer. Regardless of what you're serving, be sure you have some fancy glasses and tiny umbrellas ready to go.

6. Kleenex

If you're like me, all of the shows within the Bachelor franchise can spur some unexpected emotions. Case in point: I've texted my sister, "I'm crying now" on more than one occasion during an instance of melodrama. Keep the tissues on hand for your sensitive partygoers.

7. Roses

These don't have to be actual roses. You can purchase faux roses, carnations, lollipops that kind of resemble flowers, or whatever fits into your budget. As the rose ceremonies are a staple of Bachelor Nation, toss your friends one at random moments, ask a friend, "Will you accept this rose?" after they are kind enough to refresh your nachos, or simply hold open a garbage bag full of petals and exclaim, "Help yourself!" This will ensure that — regardless of what goes down with the BiP cast members — all of your guests will be feeling the love.

You should now feel fully prepared for your BiP viewing party. Don't stress too much, and remember to have fun, above all else. After all, there's going to be enough drama playing out on our respective screens.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC; Giphy (7)