The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Season 2 Finale Date Is Fast-Approaching & These Things Need To Happen Before The Cast Says "Adios"

If it feels like this season of Bachelor in Paradise just kicked off, it's because it did. With new cast members still arriving in Mexico each week, in many ways it feels like things are just getting started. But, alas, the Bachelor in Paradise Season 2 finale is already right around the corner. Sadly, this short season is the price we pay for the privilege of indulging in four guilty-pleasure filled hours of Paradise each week. It seems the show will run for six weeks (12 episodes), and the finale is scheduled to air on Monday, Sep. 7 — just in time for ABC's other big Monday night reality show, Dancing With the Stars, to premiere the following week on Sep. 14.

We're three weeks and halfway into Season 2 and there's already been a whole lot of drama — especially when you take into account that Bachelor in Paradise films for just three short weeks. So, apparently, this is the reality TV show equivalent of speed dating. It's been rumored that this season will end with an engagement, so, maybe if we're lucky, Season 3 will include another super romantic wedding like the Marcus and Lacy nuptials that were televised in this season's premiere episode. But, I'm getting ahead of myself, because there are a few things that really need to happen before the Season 2 finale airs:

1. Joe Needs To Be Sent Packing (Sooner Rather Than Later)

Even in the world of reality TV, it's still unacceptable to deliberately lie to someone about your true feelings just so you can get a rose while you wait for someone else to arrive in Paradise. And the fact that Joe chose to manipulate and lead on a widowed mother makes his behavior absolutely unconscionable. JJ has made threats to kick Joe's ass and, although I don't condone violence, I wouldn't hate seeing this jerk at least get a solid shove towards the door as he leaves Paradise.

2. Sam Owes Juelia A Huge Apology

And, as for you, Sam... it hurts to get played by a guy, but being betrayed by your close female friend is even worse. The least Sam can do is admit that her sketchy behavior was a huge betrayal that Juelia did not deserve.

3. Let's Keep The Heart-To-Heart Conversations With Animals Coming

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Not only do they provide the best comic relief, but I actually think these women are wise to choose raccoons and crabs as their confidantes. As Sam proved to Juelia, there are very few humans who you can trust in Paradise.

4. More Of Ashley I.'s Over-The-Top Emotions

Ashley I. has one of the most memorable crying faces to ever grace our small screens. And, I mean that in the best way possible.

5. Some Endgame Pairings, Of Course

As it stands right now, Kirk and Carly are currently the cutest and most promising couple on Season 2, and Jade and Tanner are also pretty darn adorable. Although Juelia is still reeling from the Joe drama, and Tenley has been in the background over the past few episodes, I'm seriously rooting for those two to also find guys who deserve them before the season is over — but, they better hurry because it's ending faster than they know!

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