25 Shirts Pizza Lovers Need To Buy Immediately

It's already been established that pizza is the best food of all time, and that nothing can come close to topping it. I don't need to remind you of that. But I do think I need to remind you that not only should you be eating pizza, you should also be wearing pizza on your shirt. And no, I don't mean spilling sauce and cheese down your top. I mean actually wearing a tee or tank that has a cute little pizza graphic on it.

When it comes to clothing about food, I'm not sure that anything tops pizza — there are so many clothing and accessory options out there that act as little wearable shrines to our favorite meal that it can actually be overwhelming to find the cutest options. This is exactly why I did the work for you. After searching the web and some of my favorite online shops, I came up with a comprehensive list of pizza shirts that will make you and everyone around you smile. Never mind the fact that I want to buy them all and my bank account hates me... I did this for the good of others!

Just a warning: These pizza shirts might make you so hungry that you have the urge to order a pie, whether it's 9 a.m. or 11 p.m. Also, these shirts will make everyone compliment you, because what bonds people together better than cheese and crust? Now, check out these 25 pizza shirts every pizza lover needs in her closet — I'm heading to the pizza place.

1. The Circle Of Life Shirt

The true circle of life is clearly pizza. And now your shirt says it.

Circle Of Life Pizza, $19.42, Skreened

2. Planet Pizza Tee

Imagine if there is a planet out there in the solar system made of pizza with aliens on it. What? Stranger things have happened

AA Rumi Planet Pizza Ringer Tee, $16.99, Shop Cerisetea

3. The Laundry Room Tank

Get it? Like "give peace a chance" but instead it's pizza? Because pizza equals peace? This could not be cuter.

The Laundry Room Pizza Tank, $59, The Rage

4. Girls Just Wanna Have Pizza Muscle Tee

I'm not sure if truer words have ever been spoken, to be honest.

Girls Just Wanna Have Pizza Muscle Tee, $56, Revolve Clothing

5. But First, Pizza Sweater

Fall is the perfect time to wear your loose, light sweaters. And what better sweater to choose than this one about pizza?

But First Pizza Beach Bummies Sweater, $140, Revolve Clothing

6. Pizza Crop Top

The three best things in life: unicorns, mermaids, and pizza. Doesn't the fact that one exists give you hope that the other two do also?

Unicorns, Mermaids, and Pizza Crop Top, $28.80, Skinny Bitch Apparel

7. Pizza Knit Sweater

It's sweater weather! That means you should buy this sweater, and then actually go eat pizza.

Kill Star Pizza Knit Sweater, $62.40, Dolls Kill

8. Pizza Nightshirt

How to cook: Find recipe. Try to cook. Mess up. Order pizza.

Wildfox Cotton Jersey Nightshirt, $52.80, Nordstrom

9. Pizza Beach Jumper

Warning: Wearing this shirt and staring at it all day is going to make you hungry.

Extra Cheesy V-Neck Baggy Beach Jumper, $98, Wildfox

10. The Fault In Our Pizza Shirt

John Green fans who also love pizza, this one is for you.

The Fault In Our Pizza Shirt, $20, Human

11. Pizza Crop Top

I can't decide what I like the most about this: the quote, or the little pizza slices all over it.

All I Care About Is Pizza Crop Top, $30, Fresh Tops

12. Love Pizza Tank

This explains everything while also being totally simple.

Kinda Dangerous Love Pizza Tank, $32, Nylon

13. Pizza Cat Tank

If you love cats and you love pizza, you absolutely need this tank top.

WOWCH Pizza Cat Tank, $24, Nylon

14. Fitness Tee

Who needs the gym when you could be eating pizza, ya know?

Fit Dis Whole Pizza Tank, $34, Nylon

15. Drugs and Pizza

This is the anti-drug language they should use when they teach us to say no in middle school.

Jac Vanek No to Drugs Muscle Tank, $49, Nylon

16. Pizza Sweatshirt

Simple, straightforward, pizza. What else do you need?

Pizza Sweatshirt, $15.90, Forever 21

17. Pizza All Day Sweatshirt

You can't go wrong with a cute graphic sweatshirt, especially one that talks about eating pizza.

MYVL Pizza Sweatshirt, $43.99, Forever 21

18. Pizza Star Tee

Pizza Major is the newest constellation you should be looking for every night.

Star-Crossed Lunches Tee, $29.99, Modcloth

19. Send Pizza Shirt

Whenever you need help, it would just be a good idea if friends sent pizza.

Can't Get Out Of Bed, $27.95, Thug Life Shirts

20. Pizza Is My Bae Shirt

Who needs a human bae when you could have pizza, which is always delicious and will never disappoint you?

Pizza Is My Bae Shirt, $15.99, Etsy

21. Gender Roles Tee

Because gender roles are antiquated but pizza rolls are forever.

Pizza Rolls Not Gender Roles Shirt, $29.95, Etsy

22. Pizza Queen Shirt

I guess you could be the queen of a country or something, but wouldn't you rather be a queen of pizza?

Pizza Queen Shirt, $21.50, Etsy

23. Abs and Pizza Shirt

Has anything ever been more accurate?

Pizza Shirt, $15, Etsy

24. I Like Pizza Muscle Tee

Oh, wait, I think I found something more accurate.

I Like Pizza Muscle Tee, $28, Etsy

25. I'm So Cheesy Shirt

Sunglasses can make anything look cool, even a slice of pizza.

I'm So Cheesy Shirt, $22.95, Etsy

Images: @dollskill/Instagram; Courtesy Brands