'Friends' Was Obsessed With Pizza (Just Like You)

by Tracy Dye

There are two things that never fail to brighten my day: the iconic '90s sitcom Friends and pizza. Lucky for me, every time I begin a re-watching session courtesy of Netflix, I can be sure that Friends will never fail to bring the mozzarella-laden love of my life into the fold each episode. Fans will surely remember that Joey Tribbiani had a borderline romantic love affair with the New York specialty, but even aside from Joey, pizza was a prominent staple in several episodes during the series' decade-long run. Given that all the characters resided in New York and had decent taste, this comes as no surprise.

And just as our favorite sextet never failed to "be there for" each other, pizza was also there for each of our favorite friends. It was there when the rain started to pour, it was there like it had been there before, it was there — well, you get the idea. Pizza made an important appearance during the pivotal episode where Ross and Rachel broke up [*insert teary-eyed emoji here*], and the entrée was a key player in showcasing Ross' hilariously awkward attempts at flirting.

Without further adieu, let's take a gander at eight times Friends was completely obsessed with pizza.

1. The One Where Ross Couldn't Stop Ordering Pizzas

"Oh, the humanity," indeed! When Ross attempts to flirt with the cute pizza delivery girl, his total lack of game results in ordering multiple pizzas in one night. Am I the only one who was genuinely entranced by Ross' monologue on the different types of gas? Yeah, I'm enamored by strange things.

2. The One Where George Stephanopoulos' Pizza Saved The Night

When Phoebe, Monica, and Rachel are consoling themselves with drinks and cookie dough over their lack of direction in life (hi, feelings we all have during our 20s), the pizza delivery guy accidentally gives them a pie meant for George Stephanopoulos. This immediately causes an upswing in the ladies' moods, because nothing can cure an episode of the blues better than food that was meant for a celebrity.

3. The One Where Rachel Orders A Pizza That Ross Will Hate

Ugh, not to be a buzzkill, but this pizza moment is gonna take us back to the one where Ross and Rachel first break up. After a lengthy argument about Ross cheating with another woman (although said infidelity didn't count if you really believe Ross and Rachel were "on a break"), hunger obviously ensues. Rachel orders a pizza and ensures it will not be to Ross' liking. It basically went down like this:


4. The One Where Joey Steals A Pizza

The last thing you want is a knock on the door from the police when you've gone hungry sleuth and stolen a pizza from "the second floor" — but that's exactly what happens.

5. The One With Joey's Twin

During one episode, Joey wanted to enter a medical research study for twins, and vetted a guy that (sort of) looked like him to play the part. Not being able to pull it off, the lookalike spurred Joey to utter this classic — and GIF-able — line:

I hear that.

6. The One Where Joey Was All Of Us

There is always room for pizza. Always.

7. The One Where Pizza Was Given A Place Of Honor

If the barcalounger is a throne, pizza would be its reigning queen. Bow down, people!

8. The Ones Where Pizza Made A Regular Appearance

This one is otherwise known as pretty much every episode during Friends' entire 10 season run.

Is anyone else craving pizza right now? Good. My work here is done.

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