'2 Broke Girls' recap: Max and Caroline navigate the seedy underbelly of culinary school

Holiday Mondays! There was no new Sleepy Hollow tonight, and just like the last time this happened… we’ve got no choice but to dive into the funky, scatologically-obsessed world of 2 Broke Girls. Is the show bad? I don’t think it’s bad. Is it worth 500 words of recap, review or assessment? Hopefully by the time we get to the end here we’ll have answered that question more fully, and in the affirmative, because my job sort of depends on it.

So in the two months since my last 2 Broke Girls episode, a few plot developments appear to have taken hold. For starters, Max and Caroline are now in some sort of culinary program. Actually before that — they appear to have some sort of semi-legitimate cupcake business. They’ve even got a walk-up window! So the girls are not quite as broke as they were in October, and are now making major educational inroads on the pastry world. I really admire their pluck.

Anyway, this culinary program has also introduced some new characters into their lives. There’s a fat gay chef who’s always game for a perfectly Samantha-type comment. Mary Lynn Rajskub is another student who has never eaten a salad or sandwich before in her life, but seems to have taken some sort of shine to Caroline. But most importantly — Eric Andre plays Deke, a definite love interest for Max. He’s weird. He’s sarcastic. He’s down for a pretend make-out. session. It’s actually sort of nice, as much as 2 Broke Girls can be nice!

If nothing else, expanding the show’s geography from just the diner and Max and Caroline’s apartment into this new locale gives the show some more room to play. And since this show has always operated by a certain cartoon logic, giving them new characters to bounce off only opens the door to new comedic possibilities. I couldn’t say those happened tonight, necessarily, but… you know, possibility.

What did happen tonight? Caroline had been receiving questionable texts from her culinary school teacher and, interested, asked him out for drinks. But no sex — Max was there to insure that Caroline not go home with the guy. Ultimately this was for the best, since the guy was married. The rest of the episode followed Max learning from Deke that the guy was married, Caroline learning, Caroline learning that Max knew, and Caroline confronting her befuddled teacher about it. He’s French! How was he supposed to know the mistress thing wouldn’t play here? In the end, the Girls added $150 to their monetary total and learned a valuable lesson, or something. My favorite line was definitely “I haven’t felt this awkward since my mom had sex with my prom date in the limo and made me drive.”

Image: CBS