Brandon & Leah Jenner Celebrate Their Anniversary So Let's Look Back At 11 Years Of Adorable Moments — PHOTOS

Just recently, Leah Jenner gave birth to her first child with husband Brandon, and now, the couple have another huge milestone to celebrate (and be annoyingly cute about); Brandon and Leah's 11th anniversary. If you follow the musical couple on Instagram or have seen them on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, you know that they are the coolest members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. No airbrushing, paparazzi, or fuss — they are all about being down to earth, not to mention being basically a walking Anthropology catalog. Leah Jenner is a pregnancy style icon with her bo-ho maxi dresses and beautiful mermaid hair, and Brandon isn't too shabby either, with his plaid shirts and perfect lumbersexual facial hair. I have no doubt that their new baby Eva James is guaranteed to be musical gifted and have amazing hair.

On Saturday, Leah, a 32-year-old songwriter, posted the photo below on Instagram to celebrate their anniversary and it cements the adorableness of this California-cool couple. She captioned the heartwarming, toe-tingling photo as follows:

Thank you for your 11 years of my life. Happy anniversary @bandontjenner#11yearstoday

How adorable is that? Such an simple but elegant sentiment — just like them. In addition to be wildly talented, Brandon and Leah are social media experts on public displays of affection, and it's intoxicatingly cute.

Here are few of the couple's most adorable moments that will make you fall in love with the songbirds.

When They Travel To Exotic Locales

I want to go to there.

When They Act Silly

These are probably their faces after hanging with Kim and Kanye.

When Brandon Shares Photos Of Leah

This is too cute to handle.

When They Redefine PDA

Such an old school declaration of love.

When They Are Adventurous

I'd ride in a race car with Brandon Jenner any day!!

When They Make Beautiful Music Together

So talented and gorgeous.

Happy anniversary, Brandon and Leah! Cheers to many more years of beautiful music and even more beautiful Instagram posts.