Daniel Radcliffe Plays The Grand Theft Auto Creator In 'The Gamechangers' & Proves He's Perfect For Biopics

By now it's pretty safe to say that Daniel Radcliffe is not a one-trick pony. He's played so many different characters outside of his iconic Harry Potter role so brilliantly that no one can say he's not a versatile actor. But there seems to be the start of a trend occurring with Daniel Radcliffe's recent and upcoming movies, both on TV and in film: he's playing a decent amount of real-life people. He's at it once again with the upcoming BBC TV movie The Gamechangers , where Radcliffe plays Sam Houser, the real-life co-founder of Rockstar Games, which developed Grand Theft Auto. So that got me thinking, if Radcliffe is really gonna take on more biopics, what other real-life people could Radcliffe portray in the future? The answer is: a whole lot, because Radcliffe actually could look like several major people.

The Radcliffe biopic era started back in 2007, in the height of the actor's Harry Potter madness. Radcliffe played writer Rudyard Kipling's real-life son in the film adaptation of the play My Boy Jack, which followed Kipling grieving over the loss of his son, John. Then there was the 2013 film Kill Your Darlings, in which Radcliffe played poet Allan Ginsberg alongside Dane DeHaan. And now we get to The Gamechangers.

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There's definitely a lot of great material for Radcliffe to showcase with the creation of Grand Theft Auto and Rockstar Games in Britain. But who else's shoes could Radcliffe step into in the future? There really are so many options.

1. Lee Atwater

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This one is really more of a cheat, as it's already happening. Kill Your Darlings costars Radcliffe and DeHaan are teaming up with the director of the film, John Krokidas, for Young Americans. The film will follow Radcliffe as Lee Atwater and DeHaan as Karl Rove in a sort of "road-trip buddy movie," according to The Wrap, between the two future political consultants.

2. Elijah Wood

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If Elijah Wood does something really film-worthy in the next few years, or if someone does a Lord of the Rings behind-the-scenes biopic, we already know who could play the actor in the movie. He and Radcliffe look so much alike, it's weird.

3. John Lennon

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There's already been a recent film about a young John Lennon: Nowhere Boy, in which the singer was portrayed by Aaron Taylor-Johnson. But Radcliffe could also pull off a Lennon biopic, especially later on in the iconic singer's life. Radcliffe will just have to work on his singing talents, which he already showed off on Broadway in How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying.

4. Gary Oldman

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Gary Oldman is one of the greatest actors of our lifetime. If a biopic needs to be made about him, why not his Harry Potter co-star for the lead?

5. Charlie Chaplin

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Robert Downey, Jr. has already played Chaplin to brilliant effect, but if someone decides to make another film about Hollywood during the time period that includes Chaplin, Radcliffe could be an amazing choice, height and all.

6. Buster Keaton

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The same Hollywood biopic that could be made with Chaplin could also include Buster Keaton. And once again, Radcliffe would be an excellent choice. He may not have the exact face shape (Keaton's eyes are so unique), but, for some reason, he has the right feel to play Old Hollywood roles.

7. Peter Sellers

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Geoffrey Rush was an amazing Peter Sellers in the TV film The Life and Dead Of Peter Sellers, but Radcliffe could also take on the actor's legacy with respect in a big screen adaptation of the actor's life.

8. Oliver Stone

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The guy who makes biopics deserves a biopic made about him. Daniel Radcliffe could play him and while they may not look a whole lot alike, it would be awesome.

So if Radcliffe does decide to take on more biopics, it's clear he has plenty of great roles to choose from.

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