Here's How To Talk Like Tina Belcher In Daily Life

by Keertana Sastry

For anyone who watches enough television, you're well aware that you can learn a lot from your favorite characters. One character who always has the right thing to say is the one and only Tina Belcher, from the hilarious Fox series Bob's Burgers. Tina is Bob and Linda's eldest daughter and a teenager, which means that she has more hormones raging around than the rest of the family combined. Yet unlike your cliche teen, Tina is ridiculously smart and aware of everything going on around her. She embraces herself and she somehow always has the right response for life's biggest (and smallest) moments. In fact, there are several Tina Belcher quotes perfect for daily life in the real world.

Seriously guys, the kid knows what she's talking about. Whether it's about romance (and butts), family, school, teenagers, or life in general, Tina just always has the right words for each situation. Even if she's just groaning, it's always the perfect feeling for what's going on with her or the Belchers at any given day. Now I'm not saying that Tina Belcher is my idol or anything, but I do believe we all have a lot to learn from her, and we should appreciate her wisdom. She's young, but she gets it. And if you're ever in a pickle about what to say in a certain situation, just know that a Tina Belcher-ism is your friend. She's always here to help.

1. "My Heart Just Pooped Its Pants"

Use: When you're facing a heartbreak and you just don't have the words for how you feel.

2. "I Don't Need A Boy To Pay Attention To Me, I'll Pay Attention To Myself"

Use: For when you're feeling particularly feminist. Or when you realize that a particular boy is not worth the trouble he's causing.

3. "Time For The Charm Bomb To Explode"

Use: It's pretty self-explanatory!

4." I'm No Hero, I Put My Bra On One Boob At A Time Like Everyone Else"

Use: For when someone compliments you and you're trying to be modest.

5. "A No Is Just A Yes, Upside Down"

Use: For when you're trying to get something important (a job or a date, for instance) and people are just refusing to give you what you want. Try to look at the silver lining!

6. "Let's Put The Try In Triangle"

Use: Use it just like Tina did. When you're in a love triangle (or perhaps if you're working with two other people on a project), see if you can pitch the idea of all being together. It might not work (read: it definitely won't work), but you can give it the old college try!

7. "Here's A Bunch Of Numbers. They May Look Random But They're My Phone Number"

Use: For when you're being super smooth.

8. "Your Ass Is Grass, And I'm Gonna Mow It"

Use: For when it's time to talk a big game in some kind of competition or battle. Exude confidence, just like Tina.

9. "If You Wanna Dazzle, You Gotta Take Razzles. That's A Dazzling Way To Say 'Risks'"

Use: For when you're convincing someone to do something that might make them a little apprehensive, but you know it will yield a big reward for you both.

10. "The Plot Has Got Some Holes, But Also A W-Hole Lot Of Heart"

Use: For when someone you care about is telling you a confusing story, but you love them and you appreciate what they're saying. You just have to be a little sarcastic sometimes. Everyone should appreciate sarcasm more.

11. "If You Need Me I'll Be On The Floor, Dying."

Use: For when everything sucks.

12. "I'm A Smart, Strong, Sensual Woman"

Use: Your daily mantra.

13. "I Want A Dry-Erase Board So I Can Write Down All My Private Thoughts And Then Erase Them Immediately"

Use: For when you realize that you have a lot of things on your mind but don't want anyone to find out. Or if someone is being really obnoxious and you just want to vent your anger on something other than that person. I've done it guys, it helps.

14. "Oh, It's Okay. I Guess I Wasn't Meant To Have A Good Life"

Use: For when you're trying to pull the ultimate guilt trip on someone.

15. "Flirt A Little, Wink A Little"

Use: For when you're trying to impress someone or get something you want.

16. "I Wear Glasses, Not Hearing Aids"

Use: For when people keep asking you if you're listening to what they're saying.

17. "Let's Make This Kitty Purr"

Use: For when you're ready to start something and your confidence is through the roof.

18. "I'm Compiling A List Of People I Can Mate With TO Repopulate The Earth"

Use: When you're planning the potential end of the world because something terrible is happening. Or for just a lazy Sunday afternoon.

No matter the situation, there's always a reason to bring out a Tina Belcher-ism.

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