Rocky & Eddie Would Be A Strange 'Below Deck' Pair

by Kayla Hawkins

Trailers can be deceiving, so I've been wondering whether Eddie and Rocky really hooked up during Below Deck Season 3. So far, it seems like their "affair" is pretty one sided, with Rocky pursuing him without much reciprocation. In fact, in the second episode of the season, Eddie went on a long, passionate speech about how hard it is for significant others of people living on a yacht, and how relationships that are long-distance need trust in order to succeed. Basically, he was regular old Eddie. I mean, every season has had at least one cast member with a crush on Eddie (remember what happened with Amy in Season 2?), so why should Rocky's be any different?

But that begs the question, what was Eddie referring to when he claimed that he had made a "big mistake" this season in an interview with Bustle? The most logical response, based on what has been revealed so far, is that they do wind up hooking up, or at least, Eddie does do something that jeopardizes his relationship. But that doesn't need to be cheating necessarily. In one of the season's first trailers, it shows that he might get in a huge fight with his girlfriend on the phone.

It's hard to tell what exactly is going on here. What Eddie says about his girlfriend, though, just seems so heartfelt, that I don't want to believe that he cheats on her. I watch Below Deck to laugh and imagine what it's like to be a rich person, not to have my heart broken. The show already has plenty of drama, I don't need to see Eddie cause more. Besides, as Connie would say:

But Rocky is walking, talking, drama. She had a crying breakdown at some point, and even if it wasn't just because Kate didn't demonstrate enough "aloha" for her liking, she was willing to leave the entire show because she just didn't want to deal with doing menial work.

It's still early in Below Deck Season 3, but from what's been shown so far, Eddie and Rocky seem in no danger of hooking up. He seems devoted to his longterm girlfriend, and she just seems flirty. But the trailers told a very different story — and don't forget, Eddie does say that he makes some "mistakes" this season, along with arguing loudly on the phone with someone who sounds like his girlfriend, and in his interview, wouldn't say more about what happened.

Eddie won't get out of Below Deck without suffering some drama this season, but that doesn't mean the drama will involve Rocky.

Images: Bravo; Giphy