What Did Nick Do With The 'Bachelor Pad' Money? This 'Bachelor In Paradise' Star Was Once A Villain

It's been a rough week for Jaclyn on Bachelor in Paradise. Sure, she's not the most sympathetic or likeable contestant (in my humble opinion), but it's gotta hurt to arrive in Paradise, secure two dates, and then be stood up not once but twice. So, when Nick asked Jaclyn for her date card on Bachelor in Paradise, I don't blame her for making him jump through some hoops. After all Nick eliminated Jaclyn on Bachelor Pad... and humiliated her BFF Rachel on live TV by choosing to keep all the prize money rather than split it with Rachel. Yep, he took $250,000 then peaced out leaving Rachel with nothing. And, all of a sudden Joe is not looking like the biggest villain in Bachelor town (and that's saying something). So what did Nick do with his Bachelor Pad money?

It was a cool $250,000 that he apparently desperately needed for himself, so he must have spent it on something good. Jaclyn pointed out that she could have bought so many pairs of designer shoes, but I'm guessing that's not how Nick chose to spend the money because I don't really picture him in Jimmy Choos.

Still, he's been living large since his Bachelor Pad days. For example, he recently posted this to Instagram:

Did he buy an entire fleet of Grumpy Cat stuffed animals? Did he even bring some of them to Paradise? They could be stowed in his room right now for all we know.

Plus, additional Instagram posts from Nick show that he's been traveling a lot, drinking fine wine, and having a great time. He also said on a recent Periscope session that he invested a lot of the money, and is planning on using part of it to open a fitness center franchise. He probably even splurged on a new wardrobe full of vacation clothes for Bachelor in Paradise. Regardless of how he spent the $250,000, it seems some people in Paradise still hold a grudge over that infamous moment.

He may have the money, but he'll always be labeled the villain of Bachelor Pad. Although, he has been redeeming himself a bit on Bachelor in Paradise, finally in things for love instead of money, so I guess there's a second chance out there for everyone!

Image: Screengrab/ABC