What Is Carly Doing Post-'Bachelor In Paradise' Breakup? Her Heart Is On The Mend

Now that’s a breakup we didn’t see coming — Kirk absolutely broke Carly’s heart on Bachelor In Paradise . As soon as he started expressing his doubts and fears to her on the last day in paradise (as if you couldn’t have, I don’t know, talked to her about all of this prior to already committing to her as far as you can commit on Bachelor In Paradise), Carly knew what was up, and boy, was she a mess: avoiding Kirk, crying all around the villa, getting her friends involved, etc. And rightfully so — Kirk absolutely blindsided her. Carly was talking about having his kids and he had all these doubts in the back of his head. I would be equally as upset. Though we saw her completely devastated when she was in paradise, is Carly’s doing better after Bachelor in Paradise?

It takes a long time to come back from a terrible heartache — I’m sure a ton of us have been there — and this heartache really only happened two months ago. Luckily, it seems like she’s really leaned on her friends and family to get her through this hard time. I took a look through Carly’s social media accounts, and she appears to be healing well post-Kirk. And frankly, she’s doing exactly what I would be doing if I got dumped.

Carly Went to Her Brother’s Wedding

Forcing yourself to have a good time (especially at a loved one’s wedding) is a great way to fake it until you make it. Carly was surrounded by friends and family at her brother’s wedding, and dancing for four hours is a great way to forget a broken heart.

Carly’s Been Hanging With Jade & Other Buddies

The other must-have for a broken heart? Your best gal pals, especially Carly’s best friend, Jade.

Carly’s Posting Lots Of Inspirational Quotes

Sometimes, you just have to make yourself believe the words, even if you don’t believe them, you know? Carly’s got it.

Carly’s Playing Breakup Music

Um, Taylor Swift is the ultimate in breakup music. Carly will be over this Kirk stuff in no time.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC