9 Taylor Swift Lyrics That Perfectly Describe Fall, From Changing Leaves To Back-To-School Vibes

The arrival of fall draws mixed feelings. On one hand, it's the end of summer, warm weather, and seemingly infinite nights. It's time to hit the books, bundle up, and slip into a more structured schedule. On the other hand, it's a time for a fresh start and new beginnings across the board. Everything is pumpkin flavored and it's finally appropriate to crack out those cozy sweaters.

Taylor Swift has a knack for capturing pretty much every emotion ever. From falling in love to heartbreak to celebrating the single life to wanting someone back, there's always a lyric that perfectly articulates exactly how you feel. The mixed emotions that come with the arrival of fall are no exception. Whether she's giving us major back-to-school vibes or noting the changing color of the leaves, there are little autumnal references woven into many of her songs. (Unfortunately, there is no official nod to Swift's famous maple latte outing in the lyrics themselves.)

Hunker down by a fireplace and grab some warm apple cider. In honor of the arrival of fall (and in preparation for cooler weather ahead), here are nine of Taylor Swift's lyrics that perfectly illustrate everything that comes with the season.

1. "September Saw A Month Of Tears / And Thankin' God That You Weren't Here." — "Tim McGraw"

Not only does this lyric give a shoutout to one of the fall months, it hints at the sadness that comes with the end of summer.

2. "You Take A Deep Breath And You Walk Through The Doors / It's The Morning Of Your Very First Day." — "Fifteen"

Swift illustrates the trepidation that comes with an annual fall ritual: Going back to school.

3. "Past The Pumpkin Patch / And The Tractor Rides / Look Now — The Sky Is Gold." — "The Best Day"

From pumpkin patches to the changing sky, fall is everywhere in this lyric.

4. "I Watched You Laughing From The Passenger side / And Realized I'd Loved You In The Fall." — "Back To December"

One of the saddest parts of this song is that although Swift is in love in the fall, we know what happens in December.

5. "Time Turns Flames To Embers / You'll Have New Septembers." — "Innocent"

Fall is for new beginnings, as Swift notes in this lyric.

6. "Can't Breathe Whenever You're Gone / Can't Turn Back, Now I'm Haunted." — "Haunted"

One of the best parts of fall is Halloween, "Haunted" gets a nod for its references to ghosts.

7. "You Can Plan For A Change In Weather And Time / But I Never Planned On You Changing Your Mind." — "Last Kiss"

One of the biggest turning points in fall is when the night suddenly comes so much earlier.

8. "Loving Him Is Like Trying To Change Your Mind Once You're Already Flying Through The Free Fall / Like The Colors In Autumn, So Bright Just Before They Lose It All." — "Red"

Swift freeze-frames that brief moment in time when the trees are vibrant, right before all of the leaves fall.

9. "The Autumn Leaves Falling Down Like Pieces Into Place / And I Can Picture It After All These Days." — "All Too Well"

The imagery of fall is hard to forget, especially when tied to such emotional memories.

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