Are You A Head Or Heart Person? This Quiz Will Tell You Everything You Need To Know About Your Decision-Making

Among the seemingly endless ways to define your personality, one of the oldest is whether you're a head or heart person. If there's one thing people love universally, it's categorizing themselves — scores of Instagram and Tumblr bios read like a roll call of all the psychological categorizations known to man. You know the ones: "Kate. Introvert. INTP. Cancer. Airborne Dreamer. Slytherpuff for life." In certain circles of the Internet, admitting that you don't know your Hogwarts house is tantamount to saying you spend your spare time practicing Avada Kedavra on boxes of kittens.

This isn't to say I don't love personality quizzes, because I absolutely do. Last Saturday, I didn't go to bed until 2 AM because I got caught in the black hole of BuzzFeed quizzes right before I went to sleep. Three hours, later, the only thing that ended my quiz marathon was my phone's battery dying out. On the flip side, now I know that if I were a cookie, I would be peanut butter chocolate chip. Important stuff.

This is why I'm just as stoked as you are to hear that the Huffington Post came up with a quiz to tell you whether you think with your head or your heart. Sure, you could just think about your past actions and look for a pattern of making decisions based on emotion or logic, but where's the fun in that? Let's take a look at the quiz.


As the Post points out, many studies have focused on the perceived dichotomy between people who are ruled by logic vs. emotion. Although most people probably land somewhere in the middle, research has shown that the concept of "head vs. heart" has some merit. Head locators, as they're called in most studies, are more likely to make decisions based on rationality than those who think with their heart.

The Test

As you can see, the first question is pretty straightforward.

As the quiz goes on, however, the questions get a little more opaque. In case you're wondering, my answers so far make it clear that I'm livin' the ultra-logical life. All those Star Trek marathons as a child clearly had an impact.

Oh Em Gee, you guys. Four answers to choose from! My head is positively spinning.

By the time the quiz is over, I had a pretty good idea of which category I belong to... Or so I thought.

The Results

Emotional? Warm?? What is this madness???? I'm aware that my deeply-felt reaction to the results doesn't exactly help my case, but what do you expect? I'm ruled by my heart. I can't help it.

The quiz provides a helpful breakdown based on scientific research at the bottom of the results. Among other things, heart people rely on their feelings to make moral decisions, get stressed out more easily, and oddly enough, are more likely to donate to heart disease charities.

Head people, on the other hand, are more independent, more intellectual, and "may be drawn to people with similar intellect." Nerds.

Take the quiz for yourself at the Huffington Post. Can I get a "what what" for Team Heart?

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