What Raw Denim Is And Why You Want It This Fall

You might know exactly how you like your hamburger (or veggie burger!) cooked, but how about your denim? Jeans never go out of style, but one of the latest crazes for fall is raw denim jeans. If you're over there wondering what raw denim even is, I've got you covered. Heck, before long, it might even become your favorite kind of denim purchase!

Have you ever seen people whose jeans seem to be faded in all the right places, and the creases are in the perfect locations for their bodies? Chances are high they were rocking raw denim. Breaking down exactly what raw denim is, High Snobiety explains, unlike washed jeans, raw denim is "left with dye clinging to the cotton." This means the dye doesn't come off all at once uniformly, and will reflect "everything you've done" in your jeans when you wash them the first time. That's why the jeans will fit you and you exclusively!

Taking care of raw denim is a little (okay, a lot) different than taking care of pre-washed denim, and BuzzFeed has the deets. Instead of regular washing, you'll want to soak the jeans to avoid leaving indigo stains all over the place and shrink them just a smidge. After four to twelve months, you can really wash them with detergent (carefully). Waiting several months gives the denim time to begin the custom fading and creasing that make the price tag and effort worth it!

If you're looking to enter the world of raw denim, below are three of my favorite brand recommendations.

1. Bird Straight Leg Lady Jean

Made in San Francisco, this gorgeous pair of jeans are bound to fade beautifully.

(Straight Leg, $220, Tellason)

2. The Ten In Raw Selvage Denim

A true skinny jean from hip to ankle, this sexy pair from Baldwin will last a lifetime.

(The Ten, $220, Baldwin Denim)

3. Viper X008

This pair from Railcar Fine Goods comes in a stretchier denim with just a bit of polyester and spandex making them instantly comfortable.

(Viper X008, $198, Railcar Fine Goods)