Wearing Colored Denim Is Easier Than You Think

Back when I was in high school, I bought a pair of bright turquoise jeans from Levi's and I thought they were so cool. The problem was that I had absolutely no idea what to wear with them, so I ended up wearing them a total of two times before donating them to Goodwill. If you have a pair of colored jeans in your closet, don't get rid of them! I've learned a few tricks for styling colored jeans since then and I would like to pass on this knowledge so you can wear colored denim this fall.

Colored denim just adds another layer of coolness to your look. Regular jeans are great, but sometimes if you really want to step up your style game, it pays off to wear jeans in a different color, because it requires you to put a little more time into thinking about what colors work well together. Not to mention, colored denim is more likely to show spills and stains, so if you're like me, wearing colored denim is a sign that you really feel confident in your ability to be an adult that day.

Here are a couple of tricks for styling colored jeans for fall, because we all need a little more color in our lives.

1. Keep the color palette similar

Wearing light colored jeans like these pink ones? Keep the top light too! Pastels and white always look good together. And you can definitely wear white after Labor Day, so don't let that stop you.

2. Wear with chambray

Wearing colored (or white) denim with a traditional blue denim shirt is an easy way to put together a stylish outfit.

3. Go bold

Color blocking is a great way to take advantage of those brightly colored jeans in the back of your closet. If you want to wear hot pink jeans, pair them with a light pink top or even a red top. Don't be afraid to stand out.

4. Or stick with neutrals

Olive green pairs perfectly with white, black, gray and tan. You really can't go wrong.

5. Just have fun with it

Flare jeans, skinny jeans, cut offs, denim skirts, overalls β€” it doesn't matter! As long as it fits properly, you'll look great. Just take a fashion risk and rock it.

Images: DiamondsForDimes/Instagram (2), A_SouthernDrawl/Instagram (2), J.Crew/Instagram, Truelane/Instagram