Man Instagrams Saddest Solo Bachelor Party Ever After All Of His Friends Have Their Flights Cancelled — PHOTOS

What do you do when you fly to Chicago for a bachelor party, only to discover that the other attendees — including the bachelor himself — have had all of their flights cancelled? The only thing you can do, really: Create internet gold by instagramming the saddest solo bachelor party of all time. On Thursday, Robbie Chernow, 28, flew from New York City to Chicago via JetBlue. When all of his friends’ Delta flights from New York were cancelled, he decided to go ahead and do the bachelor-party activities they’d planned, by himself. The resulting images, posted with the hashtag “#chicagoforone,” show him looking pathetically, hilariously sad as he attends a football game (alone), goes on a boat cruise (alone), plays Whirlyball (alone), bowls (alone), and eats char dogs (SO ALONE).

Throughout his bachelor-party-for-one, Chernow made friends with a variety of kindly strangers. At one point, he even took to Tinder to find people to hang out with, writing, “I’m alone and looking for friends! Nothing sexual! Just tourist activities!” In a turn of events that will surprise no one, he soon had reason to add, “It got real weird real quick.” Eventually, the long-lost bachelor finally showed up, and Chernow’s party of one was over. He took a moment to thank all of the people who’d been following his harrowing journey and the Chicagoans who kept him company, writing, I'd like to thank everyone for their unwavering support in my time of loneliness.”

Images: rwchernow/Instagram (13)