Do Cassandra & Justin Live Together After 'Bachelor In Paradise'? They're Probably Putting Their Kids First

On Sunday night's emotional roller coaster of an episode, there was one bright side — Cassandra and Justin went on a date on Bachelor in Paradise and it was insanely sweet, romantic, and adorable. The good news is, we have a new couple to swoon over and root for. The bad news is — why the heck couldn't these two have arrived sooner? Cassandra and Justin have definite chemistry and I loved watching them bond over how much they love their kids. I'm betting that, even though they just met, they'll continue their relationship after leaving Paradise. But, assuming things got serious after the show ended, will Cassandra and Justin live together after Bachelor in Paradise? Since they both clearly prioritize their children more than anything else, I don't think either of them will move right away.

Of course, that doesn't mean they won't stay together. Cassandra lives in Detroit, Michigan and Justin resides in Naperville, Illinois, so that's not a terrible distance if they're committed to each other and want to make things work. (It's about a five-hour drive.) But, a big move is a huge deal for young kids and it can be really hard on them because it totally disrupts their routine. Cassandra's son, Trey, is three and Justin's son, Aurelius, is five — so I doubt either of them will uproot their kids until they're sure this relationship is endgame.

But, what do I know? So I did a little Instagram searching.

They're Both Still In Their Own Hometowns

Justin recently posted this photo which was taken at The Scout, a sports bar in Chicago.

Meanwhile, Cassandra was recently in Mill Lake, which is located just outside her hometown of Detroit.

Their Kids Are Their Top Priority

Again, the geotag on this adorable picture of Trey shows that they're hanging out at a Chuck E. Cheese's located in Michigan.

Justin doesn't post photos nearly as often as Cassandra, but his pics show that he's totally dedicated to Aurelius. Neither of them is going to want to uproot their kids until they're sure the relationship is the real deal.

Long Distance Isn't So Bad!

It definitely would have been preferable if Cassandra and Justin had more time in Paradise to get to know each other (seriously, why did it take so long to bring Cassandra to Mexico?!). But, if they both feel this relationship has potential, at least they both live in the midwest. The flight from Detroit to Chicago is just over an hour, so they can easily see each other frequently.

And, If Things Do Progress, A Move Isn't Out Of The Question

If Cassandra and Justin do decide to go for a long-term relationship, they both have careers that can easily thrive in either Detroit or Naperville (which is a suburb of Chicago). Justin is a personal trainer and Cassandra is pursuing a career in the fashion and beauty industry, so they'd both be able to find new jobs pretty easily. And, although it's not a great idea to put your child through a big move if you're not certain the relationship will work out, people with kids move all the time and I'm sure Trey and Aurelius could adapt just fine. Plus, they'd each be gaining an awesome stepparent and stepbrother, so it could be a great thing for both kids if this romance is the real thing!

Although I think it's smart that Cassandra and Justin aren't making any impulsive decisions right now, I'm totally rooting for this adorable couple. Who knows? Maybe there will be another Bachelor in Paradise wedding on next season's premiere.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC (3)