9 Signs You're Too Good For Someone

People date the wrong people all the time. In fact, before you finally find the one you’ll probably settle down with, you will definitely date someone not just bad for you, but not good enough for you, too. But what are the signs you're too good for him or her?

While studies have blamed this behavior on low self-esteem or being driven by chemistry as opposed to logic, at least in regards to having an equal relationship, whatever the case may be, sometimes you end up with someone you’re just simply too good for, and when you do, you need to bail.

But, as is the case with every relationship where there’s a definite imbalance between the two partners, when you’re in it, it’s hard to really see just how much better you can do. This is most especially true when you’ve fallen in love with someone and your brain has kicked into that mode where all that matters is that person, morning, noon, and night. Clarity and reason are completely gone in those instances, but the thing is you need to summon the necessary strength and ability to see things for what they are and actually be able to pick up on the signs that the person you’re either just interested in or you’ve already started dating, is simply not good enough for you. It’s actually paramount, so you don’t waste your time with someone for whom you’re just too damn good.

Here are nine of those signs so, hopefully, you can shake them from your life. You need make a move to get out now and find someone who’s worthy of all the fantastic things you have to offer.

1. They Can’t Even Bring Themselves To Meet You Halfway

Whether it’s a brand new relationship or you’re five years into something long-term, you need to be with someone who is your equal. I don’t mean equal in money or education, but equal in that they give just as much as you do in the relationship. According to the Marriage and Family Research Institute, relationships that are 50/50 have less stress, greater intimacy, and are overall more satisfying and stable.

If you’re both only into giving 10 percent to your relationship, then fine; but if you’re giving 90 and they’re giving 10 then you have all the proof you need that this person just isn’t good enough for you.

2. You’re The Grown-Up In The Relationship

The thing with adult relationships is that neither one of you gets to be the child at all times. Yes, you can take turns indulging in immaturity from time to time, but when it comes down to it, you both need to be grown-ups, no matter how painful the idea may seem. If you realize you’re the one who’s constantly having to slip into the adult role, because your partner either doesn’t want to or doesn’t know how to, then you’re far too good for them.

3. They Don’t Support Your Goals

I mean, come on! Your goals for the future not only define you, but they’re your dreams, dammit! Anyone who doesn’t support the goals you have for yourself or even remotely shits on them, is not someone with whom you should waste your time.

4. They Lack Ambition Of Their Own

In keeping with the topic of goals, another big sign that someone isn’t good enough for you is if they don’t have any ambition of their own. The point of life is to move upward and onward, and if you’re doing that, but your partner isn’t because they’re content to just float through life, then send them on their way. You can’t have someone hanging on to your coattails when you start rolling in the success you've achieved, because you had the gumption to set goals for yourself and follow through.

5. You’re Constantly Being Made To Feel Inferior By Them

According to research, people go out of their way to make others feel awful about themselves because of their own insecurities. Since this long held societal belief is in fact true, it’s just the necessary proof you need that they’re actually getting off on putting you down and you’re just so much better than that.

6. Honesty Is Clearly Not Their Best Policy

Relationships are about trust and honesty ― end of story. Someone who can’t even be decent enough to be honest with you, no matter what the topic, is completely unworthy of you on not just a relationship level, but even a friend level, too.

7. They’re Not Proud Of How Great You Are

Anyone who gets to date you should be jumping up and down with joy about it! They should be announcing it from every rooftop within a 50-mile radius! If they’re not stoked to be with you or they seem even remotely embarrassed by you, then you’re totally too good for that person and that nonsense.

8. You’re Constantly Defending Them To Your Friends And Family

The thing about friends and families is that they have the great opportunity to know you and know you well, and see clearly something that you can’t because you’re caught up in it. Your friends and family only want the best for you and if they’re constantly pointing out just how awful this person is for you, how completely beneath you they are, as you try to defend them, then it’s time to listen up. Your friends and family have nothing to gain from being honest in those situations, except seeing you be with someone deserving of you later on down the road.

9. You Can’t Remember The Last Time You Had An Orgasm With Them

While someone who lacks bedroom skills shouldn’t be deemed automatically not good enough for you, someone who doesn’t listen to what it takes to make your sex life more satisfying definitely is. Sex is a give and take that requires communication and lots of listening, so if you’re not getting that and you don’t remember the last time you had an orgasm with them, despite all the ones you've given them, then you’re just too good for them.

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