Meghan Shared Her Own Cancer Story On 'RHOC'

All season long on Real Housewives of Orange County, Meghan King Edmonds has been the loudest voice questioning whether Brooks Ayers is really suffering from cancer — and involving herself in what treatments he either chooses or doesn't choose to pursue. Which is why it was shocking to see Meghan had her own breast cancer scare pass so quietly throughout the episode. While Vicki was off in Oklahoma visiting her daughter, Meghan and Jim spent time without daughter Hayley, instead regrouping as a couple. The two agreed that Meghan got far too upset at Tamra's party, but even that couldn't stop her from being unable to let Brooks' cancer go.

And for once, that obsession made a little bit more sense, because Meghan revealed that she was concerned about finding a lump on her breast, and actually went to the doctor to get it checked out. At first, Meghan seemed almost... uncaring about the possibility that she could be sick. But then, she revealed that most of her close female relatives, including aunts, cousins, and even her mom, have been touched by breast cancer. So on one hand, she's desensitized to it, and knew that her lymph swelling was probably nothing to worry about. On the other hand, she's watched many women she loves — including Jim's wife, LeAnn — suffer through cancer.

Families were a big theme of the episode, as Tamra dealt with Eddie's unwillingness to give her son, Ryan, money. It must be awkward to have a stepson who looks older than you. Shade aside, doesn't seem like this issue can be resolved in such a quick conversation, so I expect to see this popping up again soon. And Shannon's daughters conspired (probably with some producers' and parents' help) to make a five-star dining experience in their dining room, adding a little sweetness to the episode. But Meghan's story was somber.

And while I think it's pretty ridiculous that Meghan had been claiming that she's the "only" person in the cast who understands cancer or has had it close to her. But at least her concern makes more sense when she opened up about losing many relatives to cancer and even has a high chance of developing it herself. So Meghan still needs to learn how to respect other people' boundaries (like, seriously), but this makes a significant amount of sense.

Image: Charles Sykes/Bravo