Did Cassandra Find Herself A New 'Bach' Man?

While Carly and Kirk breaking up surprised most of Bachelor Nation last night, there’s one more big twist that Bachelor In Paradise has bestowed upon us. On After Paradise, viewers learned that Cassandra Ferguson and Jonathan Holloway are dating! Both Chris Harrison and Jenny Mollen were ecstatic when Jonathan came out to join Cassandra on the couch. Cassandra and Jonathan: Bachelor in Paradise's newest, best couple!

On After Paradise, Cassandra revealed that she and Justin Reich (the guy she left paradise with) dated for a little while after they got off the show. But the demands of life and distance (he lives in Chicago and she lives in Michigan) were just too much to keep it up, though they remain great friends. Justin even called in to corroborate all this.

Cassandra met Jonathan on a commercial shoot, and they’ve been hanging out ever since. As Jonathan said, “We’re taking it slow. We’re not rushing things … we both have kids, so we want to make sure everything meshes well.” Apparently, their boys fight a little bit, though what four-year-olds don’t get a little rambunctious? It’s safe to say that Cassandra and Jonathan’s relationship is progressing, albeit slowly — aka the right approach to take when there are kids involved.

Before the finale, there was some speculation that Cassandra and Jonathan were dating already, given their cozy-looking Instagram snaps, and I’m glad that it’s been confirmed. Both Jonathan and Cassandra seem like really great parents, and it’s so much easier to date someone who is also already a mom or a dad. These two are totally cute (and totally stunning together), and I hope that they're in it for the long haul. Another Bachelor Nation love success!

Image: Cassandra Ferguson/Instagram