Jaja & Gaby's Jazz Routine On 'So You Think You Can Dance' Is An Awesome Statement Of Women's Empowerment

Seeing two women dance together on the So You Think You Can Dance stage used to be such a rare and delightful surprise. Usually the phenomenon only happened in the finale when there were only two women and two men remaining. But recent seasons have changed this feeling, and Season 12's Stage vs. Street setup has made two women dancing together a regular occurrence. But that doesn't make it any less awesome, especially when the pieces choreographed and performed have such brilliant stories and messages for all women out there. On Monday night's Season 12 finale part one, Jaja and Gaby were given a wonderfully strong, vibrant and kick-ass Jazz piece with Latin flare to perform together and the message was simple but so important: It was all about women's empowerment. And boy did these two incredible women prove how empowered women can be.

To be fair guys, I might be a little biased. As I've stated since pretty much day one of covering So You Think You Can Dance Season 12, Jaja has been my favorite street dancer and Gaby has been my favorite stage dancer. So seeing them perform together for the first time this season was the greatest treat. The two women are incredible dancing partners, even despite Jaja's technical holes and the fact that on a rare occasion or two, Gaby can forget to keep her character strong throughout a routine (But of course these are the smallest of complaints). What helped really seal this routine as not only one of the best of the night but also one of the best messages of the night was the fact that both dancers really felt the message of women's empowerment, from the song to the clothes to the movements and everything in between.

It was fun, it was strong, it was joyous. It was everything a woman feels when we feel powerful and on top of the world, which is a feeling we should all have on a regular basis. Despite some an annoying comment from Jason Derulo in which he seemed surprised that the two women didn't need a man in their routine, the judges all appreciated the routine, the message and especially how Jaja and Gaby were able to bring forth what needed to be expressed in their dancing. Moral of the story: Women are strong and powerful and can do anything. Just ask Jaja and Gaby, they do anything thrown their way on a regular basis and are flawless every time.

Images: Screenshot/FOX; Whipclip