Rihanna's Strappy Heels Look Like Barbed Wire

If history is any indicator, there might be a new trend in nightclub footwear this fall. The always trend-setting Rihanna wore super strappy black heels that mimicked barbed wire while taking in a Travis Scott show in NYC. The skinny and wiry black straps wrapped all the way around her shapely stems, rising from her ankles and snaking all the way up to her thighs. It was a serious shoe statement.

Yes, the heels were majorly sexy and almost looked like strappy boots or embellished pantyhose. But the straps also looked like they might cut off her circulation if they were tied a tad too tight!

Circulatory issues or not, this is such a typical Rihanna fashion moment. She wore a pair of killer heels that looked like two totally different things. Who needs fishnets when you have strappies such as these?

The sandals and blue mini dress were also a far cry from the playful, pink, and fuzzy slippers and super baggy jeans that the singer wore while record shopping the other day.

Rihanna will always be sexy, street, or a combo of both, with her fashion choices. These are probably the most daring shoes that she has ever worn and that's really saying something!

Rihanna's already supreme sexiness is upped exponentially, thanks to her shoes.

Caged, gladiator heels are totally boring compared to the shoes that RiRi just pumped. No pun intended!

The actual heels themselves aren't super high. But they didn't need to be to create some scorching shoe drama. The straps got the job dunzo on their own.

The singer also donned baggy jeans, a crop top, a skully, and comfy slipper slides while record shopping. She's been turning heads for her shoe choices lately. She could have worn these with her pink, '80s prom ensemble for her RiRi fragrance launch.

Speaking of Rihanna and her statement making footwear, the singer is releasing another line of Stance socks.

She teased her new sock range, emphatically saying that it's "so sick!" The new collection is coming September 9, which is tomorrow. Get ready!

While her extreme strappy heels are not for everyone, if you are going to attempt a look like this, I suggest slathering legs with shimmering body oil and keeping them well conditioned, since all eyes will be on your stems.

While this presentation can come across as very racy, Rihanna's shirt dress kept things from being "too much!"