Miley Cyrus' Family Launches a YouTube Channel With Accidentally Hilarious Video

Because the Cyrus family is sure you haven't yet achieved Miley Cyrus fatigue, they're taking this perfect — not at all tardy — moment to use the Cyrus name to their advantage with a new YouTube channel called "Seriously Cyrus." And it's a good thing they named the channel so seriously, because if it wasn't for that little ol' word, we might just think this was some sort of SNL parody.

In the video, Brandi Cyrus (sister to Miley) introduces us to the Cyrus family's busy life (shots of them going places while Miley is off crying in record-breaking music videos) and promises great new series, including one in which Brandi will so graciously read Miley's tweets aloud to us and show us the family's very public set of Instagrams. Finally, someone who understands just how hard it is to look at pictures and read 140-character statements without a spirit guide.

The channel also includes no actual interaction from Miley — in her place, a static black and white photo narrated by Brandi will suffice — but Miley's mom and manager has her own show, which appears to have guests. Yes, that is comedian Grace Helbig sitting on Tish Cyrus' couch and perhaps wondering how she got there.

So, if you're so addicted to Miley that you'll take any tangentially-related content — no matter how thin the connection to the actual Mistress of Twerk — subscribe to the YouTube channel with a logo that looks like it belongs to a spa in Arizona. Then sit back, relax, and being to contemplate the circumstances that led to you having so much expendable free time that you're watching YouTube videos from siblings of pop culture giants.

Seriously Cyrus on YouTube