5 Of Jordan Bone's Best Beauty Tutorials

by Kali Borovic

The best beauty bloggers know all the tips and tricks to nail just about any look. They become iconic faces that people go to for expert advice, but the public doesn't see what they're dealing with off-camera. Despite being a tetraplegic and losing all the feeling in her hands, Jordan Bone's makeup tutorials are some of the best out there. She recently made a video showing a few of her daily struggles, proving that, although she's got plenty of challenges, she's a force to be reckoned with when she's got a makeup brush in her hand.

After receiving negative comments on her videos, Bone filmed "My Beautiful Struggle," a video that explains exactly what she goes through to do her makeup. Although she applies flawless cat eye liner and can do day to night makeup like a total pro, the YouTuber explains in her video that she has been a tetraplegic for decade. Because she has no feeling in her hands and cannot open or close them, she was forced to find new ways to do her makeup.

She may open mascara with her mouth and work hard to adjust her brushes in her hands, but her makeup is absolutely gorgeous. With her positive attitude and knack for blending, this woman is going far on YouTube and beyond.

What sets Bone aside from other beauty vloggers is how varied her videos are. One day she's giving you an elegant nighttime look and the next she's showing you how to achieve the perfect daytime glow. She's done videos on everything from hair extensions to eyeshadow palettes, and it's clear to see that nothing is holding her back one bit.

Bustle has reached out to Bone for comment and will update this article if she responds.

1. Get The Perfect Smokey Eye

She's not known for going super heavy with her eyeshadow, but Bones switched it up with this truly stunning tutorial. The vlogger shows how to perfectly balance a heavy eye with a light lip. How gorgeous is this look?

2. Create Fabulous Daytime Glow

With a bright pink lip and glowing skin, Bone created this entire look with drugstore products. Not only is she the master of makeup, but she's saving you money too. It's a win-win! Glowing skin is easier to get than you might think.

3. Land An Elegant Look

Bone's formal makeup tutorial is perfect for any elegant event. From weddings to prom, she walks you through exactly how to get this look. If I could re-live prom, this is how I'd do my makeup.

4. Add A Pop Of Color

When most people think of color, they envision a bright eyelid. Bone took a non-traditional route by putting color under the eyelid, and it looked gorgeous. This is the perfect way to match eyeshadow and lipstick.

5. Learn To Love Yourself

Her greatest lesson of all comes from this video, where she opens up about being a tetraplegic. Not only did she do some beautiful makeup, but she proved that confidence and self-love are the greatest accessories of all. It doesn't get much more beautiful than this.

Images: Jordan Bone/YouTube