5 Quick Tips for Pretty Nighttime Makeup

by Annie Crawford

It's a struggle that almost every working woman deals with: making the leap from daytime's business look to soft and pretty makeup for the evening. But fear not — we are here to help!

Let's review how your day usually goes. You wake up (a feat in itself), kick ass in spin class, go to work at your awesome job, IM your friends about celebrity gossip while simultaneously saving the world, eat a healthy lunch, then find the solution to some of the world's greatest problems (or something like that) by 5:30pm. Come Friday afternoon, you are ready to slip out of ballet flats and into sexy new platform sandals because happy hour is waiting!

The trouble is, before you go out, you're tempted to go home, wash your face, and apply some pretty makeup. But let's be realistic, if you go home and wash your face, you'll accidentally put on sweat pants and surrender your evening to the couch watching The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. You fear leaving your makeup as is because it looks like you just ran a marathon during a hail storm. But going through the hassle of starting from scratch seems like a deal breaker. What's a girl who wants pretty makeup for nighttime to do? Try these 5 super stealth, superwoman-worthy steps for an easy transition from day to night makeup.

1. Bold Brows

Dior Brow Styler, $29, Sephora

Get your eyebrows ready for the nighttime because, honey, they are your most glamorous accessory. Good for all sorts of mischief like ordering a drink, raising doubts, being terribly witty, ascertaining a naughty many things that don't work with invisible brows. Have a precision point waxy eyebrow pencil with a shaping brush for your nighttime repertoire. The wax will help hold brow shape and color throughout the night. Be bold and let your eyes do the talking.

2. Born Again Mascara

Mascara Resurrection, $16, Urban Decay

Mascara that has already fought the good fight all day is tricky to handle. Washing it off can mean a battle with raccoon eyes, not to mention the fact that you have to take off all your makeup if you're surrendering your lashes. Instead, try these two easy fix tricks that don't require a face wash. Gently combing through your lashes with a lash brush can prep the lashes for a second (and third and fourth) round of mascara. The other option is using a mascara reviver. This cool new concept product is essentially a clear serum that you comb through mascara that declumps, separates lashes, and softens existing mascara to be ready for more mascara. Luxe lashes mean lovely late nights.

3. Come Hither Glitter

Naked Palette, $54, Ulta

Of course you know how to apply eye makeup. But sometimes you want really pretty eye makeup. You know, special. To create a subtle, but terrific, all-over shimmer, try this easy trick. First, apply a light coat of eyeshadow primer to your lid. (Top secret: if you've never even wanted to try primer, you're okay! Shadow does hold better with it, but your night will still be awesome without it.) Take a nylon shadow brush, like the one included in the shimmery Naked Palette , and dampen it with water. Press the brush firmly into your powder, tap it lightly to avoid fallout, then press the brush onto your lid. Don't swipe the brush. Press it onto your lid. The water and pressing action combine to give your lids an opaque shimmery glitter-tastic coating. Pro tip: hold a business card up under your lower lash to protect your cheeks.

4. Remove Raccoon Eyes

Not to be dramatic, but raccoon eyes are real, people. Roaming mascara can make or break the evening. How does a fabulous day-to-evening gal do her lashes justice when mascara begins to look sad about hour nine? In your secret superhero makeup case, pack cotton swabs and a mini bottle of eye makeup remover. Dab the swab in the solution and gently swipe it under lashes and outer edges of eyes. You'll have fresh eyes without having to completely reboot your makeup.

5. Heavenly Highlights

With the perfect illuminating highlighter, all eyes will be on your ravishing bones no matter what distractions surround you. If you're applying highlighter post work-day, be sure to blot first to take care of oily skin. (Pro tip: In a pinch, a restroom seat protector will work as blotting paper.) Streak the highlighter upwards on your cheekbones. Everyone will mistake you for Karlie Kloss! Another fun way to get a soft nighttime glow is to apply highlighter under the eyes. Try forsaking your allover smoky gray eye for a lighter look. This will be fabulous in tandem with your shimmer or glitter eyes from above! The highlighter can be gently spread on using a concealer brush, or even your finger. It will brighten, lighten, and give you that special soap opera heroine glow all night!

Now you're ready to use these quick tricks to go from daytime makeup to your super fabulous nightlife look. These easy tips for how to do your makeup without hassle are your new super power. Go break some hearts, Wonder Woman.

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